You want to impress your friends and family with fall arrangements that look so amazing that they think they were professionally made. Well, just cutting a bunch of the same flowers and putting them into a vase is one way to go with your arrangements, but if you're looking for something interesting, you'll need to spend a little more time on your project.

You may be hoping that this article will provide some hard and fast rules that you can follow exactly in order to create your fall floral arrangements, but that's not exactly how creating flower arrangements work. However, there are some general style guidelines that you can use to help you create beautiful arrangements using the fall flowers you have growing in your garden. The primary idea is to look at this guide as a helping hand as you create the artistic touches that make your arrangement look absolutely stunning.

Sorting Your Flowers

One of the first things to do when planning your fall floral arrangement is to sort out the flowers you have on hand. You'll want to examine and sort them by the size of their stems, their colors, and so on.

Tip: This can be a good time to remove the lower foliage as this sitting in the water may cause it to go bad quicker.

Keep them laid out when you get your vase, and start filling it, as you'll be able to see what all is at hand for use. You may find as you're placing the flowers in the arrangement that you don't have what you want/need. You can always go back out to your garden or store to find a wider selection of colors. Or, you might realize that you need to cut the stems down on some of the other flowers to make it more of an unusual arrangement.

Placing the Vase

fall flower arrangement

One of the first things you need to consider after getting all of the flowers you want is where you're going to place this arrangement. If it's going to be a centerpiece, that will change the way that you place the flowers throughout the piece in comparison to an arrangement that's going only to be seen from the front. It may not seem important, but it can impact how you put together the arrangement and how it looks to others.

Choosing Flower Colors

The most interesting flower arrangements are those that use a lot of different colors. Fall blooms may be mostly in the browns and oranges, but often you can find white flowers and jewel-toned colors that look great in autumn. You can also incorporate greenery that can help to make the fall colors pop. As you arrange the placement of your blooms, you'll want to try to mix up the colors in interesting ways. Go with what looks good to you.

Finding Inspiration

fall flower arrangement

You shouldn't be afraid of getting ideas from professionals. That's how we all learn. Go online or visit your favorite flower shop to get some ideas of what looks good to you. This doesn't mean that you have to copycat the designs you're finding, but rather that you can take inspiration from them.

Adding Flowers

The placement of your flowers should be made interesting by incorporating different heights, sizes, and colors. For a centerpiece that will be seen all the way around, you'll want to put your larger stemmed plants in the middle and layer shorter plants around them. You can add several layers, rather than just one, to help keep the eye interested. You can also use flowers that droop more for the lower layers, as they add a nice touch of whimsy to your fall flower arrangement.

With arrangements that will only be able to be seen from the front, you'll want to keep the back of the vase or container centered with the largest flowers, and then layer the shorter flowers around the central back layer of flowers.

Finally, no matter what type of arrangement you're making, it can be a good idea to make it appear full of flowers without overcrowding them. If you start to notice drooping quickly, that means that there could be too many flowers trying to get to the water.

Caring for Your Fall Flower Arrangement

fall flower arrangement

Keeping your fall flower arrangement fresh will depend on how you care for the flowers you use in them. When cutting your flowers, you'll want to use a sharp knife for the stems as this helps to ensure that the internal structure of the stem that supplies the plant with water isn't crushed from trimming. Even the stems that you want to keep long should have a clean cut at the bottom of them to help with the water supply. You may even want to cut the stem at an angle, as this is said by experts to improve the life of the flowers.

Add a tablet of aspirin to the fresh water as this is similar to what they provide in those little packets from the florist. You'll also want to keep the water fresh by changing it with lukewarm water regularly.

The main takeaways you should have with this article are that the keys of a perfect fall flower arrangement are to have fun and be creative. There really is no right or wrong way to arranging your arrangement. You can spice them up by adding little flourishes like fall leaves or fake berries. The more you practice, the better your arrangements will look, and you're friends and family are sure to notice how great they look.