If the flowers of your spring and summer blooming plants are fading, add some color into your gardens and landscape with some fall-blooming flowers. Plant them in open spaces in the garden or in containers to add color to your deck or porch.

Colorful Perennials

Helenium Flower Blooms

Garden mums grow anywhere from one to three feet tall and are hardy to Zone 5. Plant them in full sun in the garden or in containers on your porch or deck. Purchase your mums early in the season so you can enjoy them for longer. Depending on your Zone, mums can be perennial or annual plants.

Aster features daisy-like flowers and comes in shades that include pink, white and vibrant lavender. It grows to about two feet tall and is hardy to Zone 5. It attracts tons of beneficial insects and pollinators.

Helenium grows to about three feet and is hardy to Zone 4. Although it starts blooming in the summer months, the plant continues to bloom in the fall and does so in fiery reds and oranges.

Russian sage is a must-have in any drought-tolerant garden and grows up to three feet tall. It is hardy to Zone 4. Its purple blossoms resemble lavender and bloom in midsummer and continue to do so into the fall. Even after it has bloomed, its foliage remains a silvery green. As if you needed another reason to plant it, It’s also resistant to deer and rabbits.

Fall sedum is a popular choice in areas that are prone to drought. This drought-tolerant showstopper grows to nearly three feet tall and is hardy to Zone 3. It also attracts butterflies and pollinators.

Anemones can grow to nearly four feet tall and are hardy to Zone 4. The delicate-looking flowers bloom from late summer to mid-autumn and are most popular in shades of pink and white.

Goldenrod grows to three feet and is hardy to Zone 4. Colorful flowers bloom in the late summer and continue to show off into the autumn months. A pollinator, the flowers attract a ton of beneficial insects and pollinators.

Fall crocuses add a burst of color during the autumn months. If you plant saffron crocuses, be sure to pluck the red stamens to use in your cooking.

Kale is a versatile perennial that features colorful foliage. It tends to let other, showier flowers take center stage while its leaves complement their flowers in the background. Incorporate its green and purple leaves into your garden. You may also plant flowering kale, an ornamental kale that also features colorful foliage but isn’t edible.

Heather creates a carpet of color with its delicate flowers and bright foliage. They tend to be low-maintenance plants with foliage that ranges from blue to gold to pink to green. The colors change with the season to provide constant visual interest.

Candytuft is a low-growing perennial that gives you twice the blooms--it not only blooms in the spring, it blooms again in the fall.

Shrubs for Visual Interest

Beautyberry Plant

Beautyberry is a shrub that grows anywhere from four to eight feet tall and features vibrant purple flowers in the spring and summer that give way to purple and white berries in the fall. Additionally, the foliage turns bright yellow. It tends to grow fast so it’s perfect for covering any bare spots in the garden. Plant it in well-drained soil in a spot that receives some shade.

Bayberry is a tough, low-maintenance shrub with fragrant leaves that can grow in many areas. It’s leaves turn burgundy in the fall and provide a fiery show all autumn long.

Blueberries not only give you delicious berries in the summer, the leaves turn red in the fall providing a final show of color before the winter months.

Smoke bush also provides three-season color, with leaves that turn red in the fall. Plant it in full sun and well-drained soil and let this fast-growing stunner add color to your landscape.

Winterberry is an ideal choice for late-autumn color. Once its leaves fall, the plant features bright red berries that add color through the Holidays.

Short Term Annual Color

Dianthus Flowers

Pansies come in a variety of two-tone shades. Choose yellow, red, burgundy and other fall hues to complement a fall garden. Place these diminutive plants at the front of your garden or plant them in pots to decorate your front door. Although they tend to be an annual, they may be perennial in some areas. Or choose its smaller cousin, violas, which come in an even wider range of shades.

Celosia is known for its colorful spikes in orange, yellow and red. The flowers not only add fiery pops of color, they also add interesting texture to the garden

Dianthus is a colorful scented plant that features small, delicate flowers that bloom all autumn long.

Sweet alyssum continues to bloom through the autumn. Its intoxicating honey fragrance attracts pollinators and it comes in a variety of colors to complement the color scheme of any garden. Plant it in the garden or let it spill over pots in the garden or on your porch.

Black-eyed Susans are known for their sunny yellow flowers. These pollinators are a staple in any fall garden.

Remember to add even more visual interest by adding a festive fall wreath to your front door and place potted flowers on either side. Add colorful gourds and pumpkins and your home is sure to become the envy of the neighborhood.