Some Weeds Need to Be Dug

Of course this isn't any news for you, yet you must admit that most prefer to pull out the weeds, rather than dig which gets them out faster. I know it's exhausting, but weeding is too, so what will it be?
I must tell you that I also prefer to pull out the weeds, but sometimes I have to dig, especially when the nasty weeds have grown too deep and too large or they have covered a large area.

Mint bed just dug out. The mint plants I pulled out are next to it
I have mint in my garden - did I give you goosebumps? I should have had them too when I first planted the mint, if I only knew how invasive it was! I planted mint in my garden and I was so enthusiastic about it, like any city girl who wanted to have all the plants in her garden! When I finally realized how bad it was, it was already too late. The mint had taken over that part of my garden! But I fought it with the only method that could work and that was digging. It's nice to see a mint bed that is so green and smells so nice, but then it spreads too much, choking all the other plants. Every spring when I wanted to plant some seedlings, I had to dig all the mint out, with roots and all and then plant the seedlings. That worked every time. I try to pull the mint stems out and most of the times it works, but that's not enough. If I really want to clear a spot in my flower bed of any weed, not only mint, I have to dig them out with roots and all.

Digging Around Perennials Helps Weeding Too

I have planted many perennial plants in my garden that I can't dig everywhere, only around the perennials and that's what I do every spring, after the plants sprout. While digging, I also pull all the weeds out and that almost stopped them from growing. Only those that grow from seeds pop up here and there.

Rose garden I dug and the weeds are out on the alley

That's why digging is necessary, to stop their growth. I suppose that if I were living in the city, this wouldn't have happened. However, I'm living in the countryside so I have to deal with weeds popping up from seeds or spread by the wind. During the summer I check my garden daily and when I see a weed, I dig it out. Those are usually thistles which grow fast and when I see them, they are already big. The smaller thistles can be pulled out easily, but only with gloves.
Another weed which gives me the creeps is patience dock. In my garden the wild species is what grows, the yellow dock. It has a very deep root, that I can only get out by digging. Recently, I discovered a new weed in my garden which came from nowhere, the cinquefoil. It is very hard to control, but I'm trying. Digging it out is also the best method and I hope to keep it under control and get rid of it soon.

The Vegetable Garden Needs Weed Control

Having a wild field around my house is good for my health, but not so good for my vegetable garden. In the spring and then in the fall, I need to dig the soil with the plow to prevent the weeds from spreading. Weeds are everywhere around my vegetable garden and as much as I weed, they pop up again and again from the seeds or through the runners. The best thing I can do is to dig as often as I can, especially when I need to plant new seedlings. However, it is also important during the summer to help the plants' growth. If I let the weeds grow around my vegetables they consume the plants' food and water, which is very bad during the hot summer days. After harvesting the early crops, such as spinach, radishes or onions, I need to establish a new crop. Weeds are starting to grow, so if I don't do it right away, they will soon take over. I need to dig the soil to get all the weeds out, with their roots. This way I can be assured that the new crop has a healthy bed, where it can grow very well.

Digging the vegetable garden for planting the cabbage seedlings

Digging to Divide Some 'Good' Plants Is Good

I also have a few 'good' plants which spread fast, taking control over their part of the garden, such as, irises, asters, mums, daisies or ditch lilies. They aren't weeds so I don't complain, yet I need to dig some of them out and plant them elsewhere, or I just give them to my neighbors and friends.
Digging and weeding is what I like most, although I can't do much of that anymore because I'm old, that's why! But digging a few weeds out, I can do it and I'm not going to give up on it, because it's my garden's health at stake. I just have to remember to do it a little at a time and all will be well.