Well, yeah, I think so. They also call it autumn, but I don’t think that has anything to do with leaves. Or, maybe it does. I am not a pro in those matters. But, we can all relate to falling leaves. Remember when you were a kid and you would rake up the leaves just so you could jump in them? Better yet, let someone else rake them up and then jump in them. Now that you are older, while it may still be fun, you get that eventually you will have to actually do something with the leaves and that jumping in them just makes your job harder. But now you really don’t have to rake since the invention of the blower. Or you could also make the kids or grandkids do it. Then, you can figure out some ideas of what to do with all those leaves.

Here's a rechargeable, battery-powered leaf blower that is better for the environment than the gas-powered ones.

Leave Them Be

I think this is the easiest idea myself and it is what I vote for. Luckily, my husband takes care of the leaves, so I don’t have to worry about it. But, if it were me, I would just mow over them and leave them there. Not only is it a lot easier, but it is also good for your lawn. It adds nutrients to your lawn and helps cut down on weeds. It’s like mulching your whole yard. This is also good for the critters in your yard that need shelter to survive the winter such as chipmunks, turtles, and lizards.

Make Compost

Toss your leaves in the compost pile. If you have not started a compost pile yet, what are you waiting for? It is easy, fast, and provides you with free compost all year long. Just add grass clippings and other yard waste such as weeds and dead foliage. Make layers of leaves, grass, and soil like a giant layer cake until it gets to be about three feet high. There are different kinds of compost designs so just pick whichever you want to do.

This compost bin is made from recycled plastic, so it helps the environment in two ways.

Keep Tender Plants Warm

Cover up those tender plants like bulbs, tubers, and other perennials. If you do not have any of these to cover, use it around the base of trees, bushes, and shrubs to help keep them warm and preserve moisture during the cold months. For this, you can just use leaves without chopping or shredding them if you want although it is best to chop them first.

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Make Leaf Mold

I had no idea what leaf mold was until I looked it up. Apparently, this is popular with English gardeners. All you do is collect and store the leaves in bags or wire bins until they get moldy. Keep them moist, or they will not mold properly. After a few years, you have the most amazing soil conditioner that is high in minerals and great for any kind of garden use.

Make Fall Decorations

Stuff some old clothes with leaves and use a pumpkin for the head to make a scarecrow. Or a mop or whatever else you can think of. Be creative. You could also stuff black bags full of leaves and decorate the bags to turn them into giant spiders. They actually sell decorative bags just for this purpose at almost every store. Orange pumpkins or white ghosts, whatever you want.

These decorative Halloween-themed leaf bags are fun yard decorations that do double-duty.

Burn Them

Around here, most people burn their leaves. However, this can be dangerous for those who do not know what they are doing so, if you have never burned leaves, don’t start trying it now. And if you live in an area without much rain, you should never burn anything, especially leaves. If you're going to burn your leaves, the safest way to do it is by putting them in a big metal trash can or barrel. Make sure you have a hose and a bucket of water with you while you burn them just in case.

Use them for Crafts

You can use leaves for all kinds of crafty things if you are a crafty person. Actually, even if you aren’t a crafty person, just Google it or look on YouTube and you can find hundreds of crafts that involve leaves. Some of these include making a wreath. For this, you just need some wire and some leaves. String the leaves like you would a popcorn string for the Christmas tree and then shape it in a circle and add other decorations like acorns, pine cones, or dried flowers. You can also let your kids or grandkids paint or draw on the leaves to make pretty artwork. Add some glitter paint or glitter glue and string them to make glittery leaf garland. You can even make a placemat, Autumn leaf fairy lights, a mobile, wall art, a mason jar candle holder, or leaf creatures with some paper and imagination.

Whatever you decide to do with your leaves, that is up to you. But when you are done, kick back in a chair in the yard or on the deck and put your feet up. Enjoy the start of fall weather and the cooler temperatures before they start freezing. If you have other ideas about what to do with our leftover leaves, drop a comment below to share with the other readers. Thanks for reading.