Amazon Black Friday sales for outdoor living

Over the past year and a half, our outdoor spaces have become a sanctuary and making these special spots more inviting is something we've all considered. Outdoor kitchens, entertaining and just resting spots have a new-found special spot in our lives. We've poured over the Amazon Black Friday sales list and have some up with some great ways to extend your living and entertaining space.

hanging macrame chair

Vintage styles extend the season with a unique flair

Even though winter is here for most of us, there's parts of the country where you can lounge around outdoors all year. You may also like putting a hint in Santa's ear about some restful additions to your outdoor area for spring. A hammock and macrame chair gives a vintage 1960's feel to the spot, or it may bring to mind a tropical paradise escape. It's a casual look that invites people to kick their shoes off and sit a spell. These are even better because they are constructed with recycled cotton and polyester materials, so are good for the planet and your health.

A portable hammock lets you rest in style and this one is even better because it is constructed with recycled polyester and cotton..

Channel your inner hippie with a hanging macrame chair. It is made from recycled polyester and cotton, so is good for the environment as well.

vintage patio furniture

Cast aluminum is a long lasting patio choice

Still going with the no plastic theme, cast aluminum furniture, lasts forever and doesn't use any petrochemicals. Being aluminum, they can even be recycled when their usefulness is over, however that won't be for decades. I have a set myself and they are over 25 years old. I've spiffed the set up with fresh paint every so often and a new cushion or two, however they are as sturdy and attractive now as when I brought them home.

No plastic here. Get a cast aluminum patio dining set at over $200 off.

elegant patio furniture

Get a whole outdoor living room suite to entertain in style

If you're looking for something a bit more traditional, there's always the outdoor living room set. It creates a comfortable area for a number of guests and is easy-care. Entertaining, or just relaxing by yourself is easy and satisfying. An outdoor room adds so much to your home's value and your sanity, it is worth the investment.

Complete your outdoor living room with this 5 piece seating set.

grilling vegetables

smoker grill

Outfit your outdoor kitchen with the perfect grill or smoker

An outdoor space isn't complete without an outdoor kitchen. Cooking right in your entertaining space involves everyone from the cook to your guests. There are a number of options and everyone has their preferences. The gas grill is handy and clean. Flip a switch and you're ready to cook. When you're done, turn it off and the fire is out. Wood, charcoal or pellet grills or smokers are a little more involved, however many people prefer the flavor of the natural fuel. There's a little more of a learning curve to get it perfect, but it is worth the practice. My husband prefers it to gas because he enjoys building the perfect fire for what he's cooking.

Save $80 on this Webber gas grill

Don't want to use gas? Here's a wood pellet grill and smoker.

gazebo by the lake

Cover everything with a roof to keep it and your guests safe from the weather.

With all of the new outdoor living equipment, you'll need to protect it from the elements. If your patio isn't covered and you're looking for something quick, why not a pre-fab gazebo? If you're a renter, this may be a good option as well. It can be quickly disassembled and moved when you do. It is a good investment for keeping the sun or showers off of you and your guests. You can entertain in comfort without worrying if dinner is baking in the sun or getting drenched in an unexpected shower. They are also easily converted to a temporary shelter for your container plants if the weather unexpectedly turning cold. Just gather your plants underneath, hang some tarps from the sides and even place some blankets over the containers. The roof and sides will help by eight to ten degrees this way. If you have electricity nearby, you can even boost the temperature a few more degrees with a few strings of decorative lights.

Keep out of the sun or showers with this 10x10 gazebo

Creating an outdoor living space enhances property values and is a wonderful way to entertain. You've increased your living space as well and even the kids will enjoy the extra room. With carefully chosen additions, tailored to your household's needs, it can become a special place to visit with friends or just have a special family meal. Amazon Black Friday deals can get you started in that direction right now.

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