You can still have fun. Even if your city, county, or state has called off trick-or-treating this year, there is still plenty of ways to have fun and get candy. Because we all need some candy. That is the reason Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday ever.

boy with colorful candy ropes

Trick-or-Treating or Not Trick-or-Treating?

Even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially discouraged trick or treating, indoor parties, and indoor haunted houses, you can make your own decisions about that if your city has not set up their own guidelines. Some of the 50 states have not made a formal statement yet. Here are the states that have and what they have decided.

*Alaska has recommended putting a new spin on trick-or-treating.

*Arizona has several counties that are asking residents to maintain social distancing.

*Arkansas recommends continuing to wear a protective mask underneath a costume mask and maintain social distancing.

*California had banned trick-or-treating, but they retracted that and asked residents to follow CDC guidelines.

*Colorado wants its residents to follow their own best practices.

*Connecticut asks people to do virtual or drive-by celebrations.

*Delaware suggests masking and social distancing.

*Hawaii stated that its residents should follow CDC guidelines.

*Idaho is leaving it up to each individual city and county.

*Illinois states that residents must adhere to masking, handwashing, and social distancing. This includes a limit on the number of people who can attend events.

*Indiana has left it up to individual cities and counties.

*Iowa recommends avoiding large events, wearing masks, and altering any trick-or-treating plans.

*Kansas has released a document with specific guidelines for celebrating Halloween.

*Kentucky recommends social distancing, hand washing, and masks. They also urge people to find an alternative to trick-or-treating this year.

*Maryland asks residents to follow the CDC guidelines.

*Massachusetts wants its residents to wear masks and follow other social distancing rules.

*Michigan released a document to follow about keeping trick-or-treating as safe as possible.

*Missouri has asked its residents to follow city and county guidelines.

*Nebraska asks residents to follow CDC guidelines.

*New Hampshire released a statement recommending masking and social distancing.

*New Jersey released a document limiting gatherings and trick-or-treating and recommending masks as usual.

*New Mexico has canceled many of their Halloween events.

*New York insists they will not ban trick-or-treating but urges residents to use their common sense.

*North Carolina recommends following the CDC guidelines.

*Ohio released a statement about trick-or-treating and other activities.

*Oregon is asking people to avoid trick-or-treating and other dangerous Halloween activities.

*Rhode Island wants its residents to follow the guidance they shared about masks, social distancing, and common sense.

*Vermont officials are not canceling Halloween activities but are urging caution.

*Virginia released their own guide about avoiding large gatherings and activities.

*Washington issued a statement on how to have fun and be safe.

*Wisconsin has guidelines of their own asking residents to avoid parties and trick-or-treating.

*Wyoming gives its residents advice on how to lower their risk while enjoying Halloween.

Okay, if your state is not on the list or if you want to know about your own locality, be sure to check with your city or county to find out the details. Now, let’s get to the fun part. What you can do to make Halloween fun even with the pandemic guidelines.

pumpkin patch with ripe pumpkins

Here Are Some Ideas

If you still want to do the trick-or-treating tradition, it is best to switch things up a bit this year. You want your kids to bring back candy, not covid. Here are some cool ideas for trick-or-treating or other fun activities:

*Put individually wrapped candy on the porch, driveway, or yard on a table where kids can get their own.

*Wear face masks over face paint for an awesome costume.

*Visit a church or other organization that is offering a drive-through trick-or-treating option. The way it works is you drive through a park or parking lot where they have a bunch of volunteers wearing masks and gloves giving out candy. All the kids have to do is hold their bag out the window.

*Go to some pumpkin patches but still wear your mask and use hand sanitizer before and after touching things.

*You can also do a Halloween outdoor scavenger hunt where you give each kid a list of things they can find outside while walking around and looking at decorations. The winner gets an extra piece of candy or something.

*Why not just have a Halloween movie night and make special treats like some of those awesome recipes you see on Pinterest and Facebook?

*Visit some outdoor haunted houses. You still wear a mask and practice social distancing, but you can get scared at the same time.

*Have a costume party outside. You can all dance and hang out with friends while still being six feet apart.carved jack o lantern and spooky candles

No matter what you choose to do have fun and stay safe. Getting the virus just so you can get some candy is not a smart thing to do no matter how good the candy is. Buy your own candy and stay home and decorate pumpkins.