With the weather turning colder and winter almost upon us, most people turn to indoor gardening for the next few months. While many of us simply rely on a sunny window for our indoor gardens, there’s quite a few tools and gadgets that make our lives easier and our plants grow better. Gardeners with a long wait until spring often rely on their indoor gardens to get them through the bleak, dark days of the season.

moisture meter with houseplant

Proper moisture is a vital part of indoor gardening

One of the biggest mistakes a gardener can make is either over or under watering their indoor plants. Sometimes the soil is dry on top and we think that the plant must be thirsty, when down below, the roots have ample moisture. A moisture meter is the perfect solution. You can see at a glance whether you need to hydrate. The good thing about a moisture meter is, you can use them indoors or outdoors, so if you are doing your part to conserve water, you should own one of these inexpensive and helpful tools. They are a year-round helper.

Here's a moisture meter that is under $10. If it saves one plant, it pays for itself.

grow light with plant

Supplemental lighting makes a healthy indoor garden

Indoor plants often require more light than what shines through the window on gray, cloudy winter days. Supplemental lighting is often necessary to keep everything in peak condition. There are a number of table top units, however for larger plants that sit on the floor, there’s not many options. An adjustable grow light tower makes for a much better environment. Even one that hangs works well for either floor or table container plants. LED technology makes these new grow lights economical and easy to use.

This four head, floor grow light stand is 38% off in a pre-Black Friday deal.

humidifier in a room with cat

Proper humidity is healthier for your plants and your family

Winter season and heating systems often dries the indoor air to a point where your plants (and you) need some supplemental humidity. A cool steam humidifier gives your environment a water boost. There are inexpensive units that work well and then there are units that you hook to your water supply that are always running and you never have to fill the reservoir. These might even be a smart choice for desert climates where humidity is low year-round. Not only is humidified air more comfortable, it is good for your health by keeping nasal passages moist and possibly preventing air-borne illnesses. Your plants will thank you too.

This industrial grade humidifier can be hooked directly to a water supply and you'll never have to fill the reservoir again, and it is discounted over 30% right now.

houseplants with woman

A place for everything and everything in its place

Sometimes things get a bit messy when attempting to display your houseplants attractively. Especially if you live in a small home or apartment. It just makes sense to make wise use of your floor space and garden vertically instead of horizontally. Some folks hang hooks from ceilings and others get creative with ladders, boards and bookshelves. If you're handy, you can even create a custom stand for your plants. However you do it, it just makes sense to conserve floor space and garden upwards. You have room for more plants and when attractively arranged, it creates a fantastic focal point in the room.

Here's a sustainable bamboo plant stand that holds up to 7 containers and is currently discounted 62%.

cactus plants on a shelf

Grow something new this winter

Gardening in the wintertime gives you a chance to discover something new. You might learn to grow your own sprouts or microgreens to enhance your meals. Some people force bulbs for a taste of spring and others pour over the new seed catalogs and prepare for seed starting season. There's always something to do, even in the winter. This is also a great time of year to plant the seeds (pun intended) that will introduce someone new to gardening.

A great gift for teens, tweens or someone who just loves to garden. Here's a cacti and succulent seed starting kit.

There's many ways to garden in the winter

However you choose to spend the winter, there's sure to be gardening activities to keep you occupied. Some may keep an African violet collection and other might pick up a prepared amaryllis bulb to brighten the holidays. Poinsettias are also a popular indoor plant for the season and there's so many choices these days with breeders creating new colors. Many gardeners simply enjoy their tender container plants that vacationed outside over the summer and are now indoors. However you do it, it is definitely a rewarding time of year.

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