Designers in a variety of fields are now scrambling to incorporate this "it" color in to their designs. Pantone Color Institute has long been viewed to set the standard for color in the design fields, naturally this includes landscape and garden design. It is safe to say, that the 5600+ people who voted for this year's Proven Winners' Annual Of The Year agree with the thought provoking, dramatic nature of violet hues.

Proven Winner's 2018 Annual Of The Year, Supertunia® 'Bordeaux' Petunia, has a dynamic blend of violet, purple and pink shades and outstanding performance in hanging baskets, pots or flowerbeds.

Where annuals are concerned, Proven Winners has certainly set the standards, naming an official Annual Of The Year each year. This year's winner is Supertunia® 'Bordeaux' Petunia. Each year, selected annuals are judged by gardeners based on their ability to meet five specific requirements. They must be Easy To Grow, Iconic, Readily Available, Perform Well In Containers Or Gardens, and Excellent Performance Throughout The Season. With stunning, continuous blooms, that need little or no deadheading and a tolerance of heat and drought, Supertunia® 'Bordeaux' is truly a proven winner in the garden. Plants grow about 6-12" (15-30cm) tall and can spread 18-24" (46-60cm). They can spill over hanging baskets or containers, or be planted to ramble along a garden border. Supertunia Bordeaux also fits in perfectly with Pantone's 2018 Color Of The Year.


Each year Proven Winners also awards three annual container designs with the Spring, Summer or Fall National Recipes Of The Year. These pre-assembled container designs are judged on the same principles as Annual Of The Year. The 2018 National Recipes Of The Year are:

Spring- 'Lilac Festival' which mixes Supertunia® 'Mini Blue Veined' Petunia, Supertunia® 'Royal Velvet' Petunia and Superbena® 'Violet Ice' Verbena. This cool toned, spring mix just screams Ultra Violet.

Summer- 'Summerfest', a bold mixture of 'Goldilocks Rocks'® Bidets, Superbells®️ 'Coralina' Calibrachoa, and Supertunia®️ 'Royal Velvet' Petunia.

Fall- 'Enchanted Garden', which mixes the dark rich color of 'Sweet Caroline Raven'®️ Ipomoea with Supertunia®️ 'Black Cherry' Petunia and Supertunia®️ 'Latte' Petunia.

If all these annual plants sound familiar, it's because they are. The plants in the Proven Winners' Winner Circle are all judged based on their tried and true performance, so you may have already grown a few in your garden. Fret not, though, because this spring you'll see a great variety of new annuals for 2018 in garden centers, online nurseries and seed catalogs. Keeping up with Pantone's thoughful Ultra Violet, there are several new for 2018, annual plants in shades of violet and purple that will be hitting garden centers this year. The National Garden Bureau named 2018 as The Year Of The Calibrachoa for annuals, and Superbells®️ 'Blue Moon Punch' Calibrachoa does not disappoint. It continually bears light purple-lavender blooms, with deep purple eyes and yellow throats. Superbenia®️ 'Stormburst' Verbena steals the show with large clusters of purple and white flowers on trailing stems. Add a bit of deep purple contrast with new variety accent plants 'Plum Dandy' or ' Purple Prince' Alternanthera, or sweeten the air with the new scented Evening Scentsation®️ 'Indigo' Petunia.

Compliment those violet shades with some of 2018's new yellow and orange annuals. 'Golden Butterfly' Argyranthemum displays reblooming golden petaled daisy flowers with large golden discs. 'Lady Godiva Orange' Calendula makes an excellent filler with it's bright orange double blooms. Superbells ®️ 'Over Easy' Calibrachoa has white trumpet-like blooms with yellow centers. Dahlightful®️ 'Tupelo Honey' Dahlia produces double yellow blooms with pink-amber tones, set against brown-black foliage. Bright Lights®️ 'Double Moonglow' Osteospermum is truly an eye catcher with cream colored petals surrounding a center of small and frilly bright yellow petals. For a tropical look, try out the new edition to Hollywood®️ Hibiscus, 'Gold Digger', with large yellow and white blooms and red center eyes.

over easy

In spring of 2018, we will see many new editions to our favorite annuals series in garden centers. The Dahlightful®️ Series of dahlia's not only introduces 'Tupelo Honey', but also 'Crushed Crimson' with purple-black foliage and crimson red blooms. New dahlia varieties of the Dalina®️ Series will include 'Grand Tequila', with large blooms in pink, yellow and red tones and 'Midi Ibiza' which produces pink blooms with white petal margins. In this " Year Of The Calibrachoa" from Proven Winners, new Superbells®️ varieties 'Double Orchid', 'Double Ruby', 'Rising Star' will be introduced. New Supertunia®️ varieties for 2018 include 'Hot Pink' and 'Mulberry' Charm, as well as 'Lovie Dovie'. The Toucan®️ Canna Series presents 'Coral' a variety with coral pink blooms and green foliage, while the A'Peel®️ Series of Thunbergia, introduces 'Tangerine Slice' a fun red and orange bicolored black eyed susan vine. 2018 will also bring new varieties of Jolt®️ and Supra®️ Dianthus, Candy Tops®️ Snapdragons, Bright Sparks®️ Celosia, and Mega Bloom®️ and Divine®️ Impatiens.


Perhaps you're not a fan of Ultra Violet and other cool tones. If you prefer to make a bolder statement in the garden, 2018 will see many new varieties of classic favorite plants, in deep and bright shades of red. In annual phlox plants 'Intensia Red Hot' not only boasts true red blooms but also mildew and drought resistance. 'Profusion Red' Zinnias also produce deep red flowers. Bright Sparks®️ Red Celosia is sure to make a stunning impact, while Divine®️ Red Impatiens make excellent bright bedding plants. Even the understated Hypoestes rings in the new year with a new variety "Hippo Red' a true-red and green variety of this favorite accent plant.

Whatever your color palette, 2018 is certain to provide you with plenty of new annual varieties. Mix and match these new varieties with classic favorites to create your own outstanding "Recipe Of The Year".