Everyone has some junk lying around that they do not know what to do with. Maybe you have some old furniture, items from years ago, some broken garden tools, or buckets with holes. Whatever you have that you were thinking of getting rid of, take another look at it and picture it out in your yard with flowers growing out of it or birds taking a bath in it. Seriously, your old junk can be a wonderful accent to your garden.


The most common things that people like to make for their yard are planters. Not only are they the easiest things to create but they are also very useful because you can always use more places to plant flowers, right? Here are some things you can use for planters:

-Old coffee pots
-Galvanized buckets
-Old bathtubs
-Animal troughs
-Laundry tubs or baskets
-Ceramic or glass bowls

Yard Art

Yeah, even if you are not an artsy person, you can figure out a way to make some yard art with something you have in the garage or laying around the house. If you do not have anything, hit the thrift store or some yard sales and look for these items:

-Vintage wood "thingamajigs"
-Old metal gardening tools
-Pieces of scrap wood or metal
-Unused fencing, doors, or windows
-Vertical gardens made with old stepladders, funnels, pallets, and buckets
-Antique bicycles, wheelbarrows, wagons
-Mailboxes, laundry tubs, totes
-Discarded used farm equipment
-Rusty old milk cans, mop buckets, or oil cans

Wind Chimes

You can use just about anything you have laying around to make a windchime. Broken necklaces with gems and beads? String them together with some fishing line and attach them to a nice thick piece of driftwood (or just an old branch). Hang from the house or tree and you have a beautiful windchime. Another thing you can do with old gems and beads is to hang them from a watering can to look like water. This is such a cute and creative windchime that I am going to try this one myself! Another use for those old watering cans is to hang old silverware from them. This makes a unique wind chime. You could also use an old metal coffee pot or the one I like the most, a cheese grater. Use any kind of string or fishing line to hang the silverware from. If you do not have any excess silverware hanging around, you can try other things like ladles, serving spoons, spatulas, can lids, whatever you have. String them to the grater and hang it in the garden and listen to the chimes. Got a bunch of extra buttons laying around? If not, you can buy them in bulk at craft stores and big box stores like Walmart. For cheap! Less than $5 for 1,000 buttons! Use some of that fishing line and hang those colorful discs from a frisbee or a plastic lid and you got yourself a button windchime. Hang metal canning lids from the bottom to add weight and make that beautiful chiming noise. How about some old keys? Use some pretty beads and a bunch of old keys to make a really creative windchime that will be a true one of a kind. If you have some leftover Mardi Gras beads, they would be great to hang them from.

Water Features

Let me just say, everyone should have some type of water feature in their yard. Whether it is a birdbath, pond, or waterfall of some kind, they are calming and practical because there are always going to be birds that need a drink no matter what the season or where you live. The easiest one I have seen to make is the water spout waterfall. This is creativity at its easiest. All you have to do is create a space below your water spout such as colorful gravel with a cinderblock or brick border, a galvanized tub that drains into a pond or just stack up a bunch of big flat rocks at the bottom of your spout for the rainwater to trickle down. This idea is great for those who do not live in a rainy area because the rocks look amazing even when they are dry. For those who do live in a wet climate, make sure you add a gravel path with borders to help the water drain out of your yard.

If you do not have the space or money for a pond, you can use a large planter or another container, fill it with water and some water lilies and you can even use some potting soil and plant some other water-loving flowers. Throw a couple of goldfish in there and you have yourself a mini pond. Don’t forget to use some type of mosquito repellant such as Mosquito Dunks to kill the little pests without hurting your fish or plants.

Bird Houses, Feeders, and Bird Baths

Yes, you can create a birdhouse out of just about anything. Take a look in your basement, garage, or attic. I bet you have all kinds of things you can use to make a birdhouse, feeder, or bird bath.


Old paint cans laying around your garage? Clean them out really well, paint them, and hang them from a tree with pretty ribbons or scarves. Dump in some bird food and you can attach a popsicle stick or dowel for the birds to stand on. Cut your egg carton in half and tie some yarn to it and hang it from a tree with bird seed in each cup. And here is a good use for those empty toilet roll or paper towel holders. Smear them with peanut butter, roll them in bird food, and stick some sticks through the holes to hang them from. Amazingly easy, cheap, and fun. When they are empty or after it rains on them a few times, you can easily replace them with more old toilet paper or paper towel roll holders. Another easy way to make a bird feeder is with an old soda bottle and a couple of old spoons. Cut a couple of holes in the bottle and stick the spoons in there for the birds to stand on. Fill with bird seed and put the cap back on. Hang it from a tree or just place it on a table or the ground. The birds won’t care where you put it. Teacup feeders. Yep. You can either hang the cup from a tree and fill with food or glue it to a saucer or even a plastic lid attached to a spindle or other small wooden stick. Fill some of the cups with bird food and one with water so they have everything they need. Got an empty jar such as a peanut butter jar? Clean it really good, cut a hole in it about halfway up, fill it up to the hole with food, and hang it from a tree or set it on a table or the ground. You can also use a milk carton for this or any other type of carton. Easy and fun!

Bird Baths

You can just fill up a bucket or a large bowl for your birds to drink from but that would be kind of boring and you do not want your garden to be boring. How about using some of those old vases and plates you have been thinking of getting rid of. Stack a vase on top of an upside-down plate and then put a plate on top of the vase. Then you can add a pretty bowl to hold the water. To make it sturdier, add sand, glass beads, or rocks to the vase. Be sure to use some heavy duty waterproof glue to hold it all together. You can also use flower pots stacked on top of each other and topped with a dish or large bowl. To make it even more interesting you can paint the pots and add a small one on top to make a waterfall. Or, use a wooden spindle and a bowl to make a completely unique birdbath that is simple and cheap.


Just like birdbaths and feeder, you can use practically anything to make a birdhouse. From old garden tools to rubber boots, coffee cans to blue jeans, even old pots and pans. An old watering can or five-gallon tank with some metal or tin folded over it makes an awesome place for your birds to hang out. Old mailboxes are super cool things to use for birdhouses. In fact, I found a bird living in my mailbox once before and I had not even planned on it. She just moved in and laid her eggs so I had to find another place for the mailman to deliver my mail for a while. How about an old guitar or another musical instrument? Seriously, you can use anything to make a birdhouse.

Have fun with it. Decorate your yard how you want it. You can use whatever materials you want to jazz it up how you like it. You can enhance your yard however you like and show your creativity off to everyone. Start looking for some junk now, it is almost spring!