The perfect garden helper

Ever since Minnie came into my life, she has started to teach me things I never knew (at least, I never knew she could do it!) such as rose propagation. I knew that she liked to dig and play with the moles or mice, that she found, but to divide irises seemed too much! You won't believe it, but she is a gardener and a smart one - better say, a smart dog, who understands what mommy says and wants to help. When I go out in the garden, Minnie is always next to me looking anxiously into my eyes, as if she would say 'What are we going to do, Mommy? Let's do it, let's do it!'.

Minnie digs out the iris rhizomes

That day, I was out with a cup of coffee and Minnie was laying at my feet on the lawn. A friend called to remind me about the iris rhizomes I had promised her. I told my friend that she would have to wait until fall, when it would be the perfect time for dividing the irises. As I was talking on the phone Minnie disappeared. I saw her running towards the garden, then she jumped over the small fence from around the garden - which I made precisely to prevent that, but never mind.

Minnie sticking her head under the fence

I continued my chat with my friend on the phone, then went inside the house and wrote a note about the irises on a sticker, which I put on the fridge so I won't forget about it. It was a beautiful and hot summer afternoon, so I preferred to stay inside and have a nice ice-cream just to cool off a bit.
A few weeks later, I saw Minnie digging frantically into the garden. She often does that, especially when Miss Mole is down there - it drives Minnie crazy! I am already used to this so I just told her to stop. But I went over there, anyway to check the damage. It was a huge hole, right in the middle of an iris plant. A few rhizomes were laying next to the hole, just as much as I needed to give to my friend. My sweet and smart Minnie took care of that and dug out the iris rhizomes, so I won't exhaust myself by digging them out. Don't you think I had forgotten about my promise, but Minnie just read my mind! I congratulated her for the good job and gave her a nice treat, then took the rhizomes and gave them all to my friend.

More holes for thinning the irises

The next day, Minnie was in the garden again, next to the irises. I went in there, to check on what she had been doing and I saw a new hole and more iris rhizomes dug out. I have no worries about that, because I have more than enough irises, which needed thinning anyway.

Minnie laying next to the iris bed

So I congratulated her again for the new good job. She happily received the compliments and the pat on the back, then she wanted a rub on her belly too - anything for the good garden helper!
A few days passed without anything new, all things were the same as usual - even the holes in the garden! Then, one day I saw another new hole into the iris bed and more iris rhizomes dug out. Do you think that I got mad and scolded Minnie for what she did? No, no and no! That was another proof of her garden helper talent, so how could I argue about that? She did a lot of work by digging so much into the iris bed and, even if I wasn't interested in getting more rhizomes, I appreciated the thinning she did - and all was her decision. I might have mentioned about the thinning once and I suppose that Minnie remembered. She only had to do one or two more holes in there and all the irises would have been divided.
Of course, Miss Mole had her role in that, but she is too modest and prefers to stay out of the light.