With the shelter in place order due to coronavirus-19, we are limited to what we can buy. Sure, you can go to the grocery store, but you cannot shop in certain sections that you may need to get to like the craft department or lawn and garden. You can always just buy her a dozen roses at the checkout lane, but they usually don’t look too good and the choices are minimal due to lack of supplies and transportation. Apparently, flowers are not an “essential” item. Tell that to the mom who counts on you to present her with something special every year. So, how can you outdo what you did last year without the provisions you had then? I have some ideas for you.

bouquet of colorful flowers

Traditional Flower Bouquet

You can probably find some pretty flowers in your yard that would make a good bouquet at this time of year. Many beauties are blooming right now such as tulips, daffodils, bluebells, azaleas, peonies, and magnolias. It depends on which part of the globe you live on. Another idea is the wildflowers that are just starting to bloom out there. Sunflowers would make a terrific bouquet on their own. Just put them in a pretty container or even a mason jar, tie a ribbon on it, and there you have it. Other wildflowers you may have in your yard include daisies, baby’s breath, cosmos, and zinnias.

pruning shears cutting a stem

How to Cut Them

If you do happen to have some of these lovelies growing in your area, don’t just run out and pull them or chop them with some scissors. There is a certain way to cut flowers that make them last longer. First of all, cut them with a very sharp and clean pruner or floral snips. Next, you need to know when to cut. The best times are early in the morning or late in the evening to keep them from wilting in the sun. Bring a bucket of clean water with you to place the cuttings in to keep them cool and fresh. Cut them at a break in the stem. That is the section of the stem where new growth emerges. If you do it properly, the flowers will keep blooming the rest of the season.

bright orange flowers

Arranging the Flowers

Before arranging them, take off any leaves and other foliage from the bottom of the stems that will be in the water. Use floral tape to keep the flowers in position as you arrange them however you like. Make sure you give them fresh water. If you don’t have a good container, wrap your bouquet in wrapping paper or some other pretty paper and tie them up with a bow. Another idea is to use a colander. Turn it upside down and use the holes to put the flowers in. What a cute idea, right? Of course, you are going to need a new colander, but that’s okay. There are other ways to drain spaghetti.

flower petals and stems on a notebook page

Other DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Okay, so maybe you have no flowers to use or your mother is allergic. That’s okay too. You can make bouquets out of just about anything. If you want to stick to a natural idea and happen to have pinecones around, you have flowers already. Paint the pinecones in different colors and glue them to a stick, twig, or even a popsicle stick would work. Paint the “stem” green and arrange them in a bouquet, floral arrangement or wreath. Simple and cheap. If you don’t have paint, use permanent markers or you can even use nail polish. Got some reeds in the yard? Put a few of them in there to make it look more natural.

red strawberry on the plant

Paper Flowers Etc.

You can use all sorts of materials to make flowers with. It really just depends on what you have laying around. For example, everyone has paper, right? Wrapping paper or tissue paper would be even better but regular white paper works too. You can get the kids or grandkids to color it or do it yourself. Then just Google how to make a paper flower. There are so many designs that are absolutely amazing. Some people just have super creative minds. You can also make roses from socks, egg cartons, ribbons, napkins, paper towels, and even coffee filters. You could even use toilet paper, but it is pretty hard to get nowadays. Edibles like cupcakes, fruit, chocolate, and other fun food you can shape into floral or decorative bouquets are all great ideas too.

pretty straw hats with ribbons

Other DIY Mom Gifts

Mom likes other things besides flowers and bouquets, right? If you are a crafty person like my kids, you can probably come up with all sorts of fantastic gifts you can make at home like popsicle stick picture frames, bead jewelry, and painted coffee cups. I just got something amazing from my daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids last week. I am pretty sure it cost absolutely nothing and probably only took a few minutes, but it is the coolest thing ever! It’s just a regular piece of notebook paper with leaves, twigs, and even a piece of driftwood from their yard glued to it. They signed it with a paper saying, “We spent some time outside looking at all the different kinds of leaves around our house, and we sent you a little something so you could have a piece of our home at your home.” They live in Louisiana (I am in Missouri) and usually come visit in the spring, but since the coronavirus lockdown, that is not going to happen. What a special gift. I think your mom would probably like something similar.