This does not mean that you have to head out to the jungle or to some far away island. You can take great nature shots anywhere. In fact, some of the best ones may be right in your own back yard. You have a garden, right? Well, in that garden you probably have some flowers, which are a beautiful part of nature that you can take some awesome shots of right now. If you don’t have any flowers, you can take pictures of whatever you have growing, whether it is fruit, vegetables, rosebushes, shrubs, or even trees. Actually, I have taken some pretty amazing photos of dandelions and other “weeds” that turned out better than my photos of roses and tulips. Anything that nature makes can turn out to make a terrific photo. Some of these include landscapes, scenic views, plants, animals, insects, and even the moon.

kids posing in the grassPeople

Yes, people are a part of nature too, even if Wikipedia says otherwise. In fact, people are just as much a part of nature as animals and we spend quite a bit of time outdoors enjoying nature. So why not? The best way to take photos of people in nature is to do it without them knowing about it. I mean, don’t be a creeper who follows people through the park taking pictures of them and definitely don’t go to children’s playgrounds and start taking snaps of other people’s kids. You are liable to get a visit from the police if you do that. However, you can always ask the parents if you can take some shots of their kids, but I think it is best to stay out of that situation completely. Just take a walk in the park or sit on a park bench and casually take snaps of people doing what they do enjoying nature. Maybe you could go to a lake and get some shots of people out on the lake boating, skiing, fishing, whatever. Or have some friends over for a BBQ and get some good candid shots of them as they talk and have fun.

ladybug on a stemMacro Photography

No matter whether you have a flower or vegetable garden or maybe you don’t have a garden at all. It’s okay to love Dave’s Garden even if you don’t have one. Whatever you have in your backyard, it can make an awesome photograph. Seriously, even a pile of dirt can look interesting if you photo it right. For example, macro photography is the perfect way to get some really amazing photos of anything and everything. Macro is taking extremely close-up pictures of something. This is a fun way to look at things and to try and get other people to guess what it is you took a picture of. For example, if you have never seen a closeup shot of your skin, you may have no idea what it is if you see a macro picture of it. Anyway, try taking some macro shots of some everyday common items like bark on a tree, a cloverleaf, the eye of a fly, whatever. This works best if you have a camera that has a macro setting because if you try to take an extreme closeup shot with your phone or a camera without a macro setting, it is going to be blurry no matter what you do. Use a macro setting and you may never want to go back to taking regular photos. They are pretty cool.

raccoonAnimals and Other Critters

From the tiny ant to the huge whale, photographing critters is fun and rewarding. Have you ever tried to explain to someone what you saw and just could not do it justice? Back in the old days, before cameras, the only way to reproduce what we saw is by painting or drawing. Now we can take dozens of pictures in seconds and save them on a memory card where we can then transfer them to the internet and share them with everyone. I have been taking pictures of wildlife for a little over seven years. Since we bought this house in the Ozarks. It started out with birds. My first nature picture was a Tufted Titmouse that was eating sunflower seeds off a plate on my deck. Pretty soon other animals figured out that there was food on the deck, and we started getting nighttime visitors every night. Opossums, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and even some stray cats. Believe it or not, we have even had a fox that came up on the deck. It is easy to get some great shots when they come right to your door. But you can get some better shots if they are candid shots of them in their own habitat. Take a walk in the local park and you can probably get some fantastic pictures of all kinds of critters.

video screen on a cameraNational Camera Day

Nobody seems to know for sure who started National Camera Day or why, but it is celebrated by thousands of people around the world by taking pictures, sharing them, and learning more about photography. George Eastman invented the first photographic film in 1884 and then patents a Kodak roll-film camera in 1888. Since then, there have been so many advances in technology that anyone can take a professional looking photo with the press of a button. Even you! So get out there and take some photos. And if you want, you can share them in the comments section below.