In fact, it can be as easy as rolling out a carpet of wildflower seeds or tossing handfuls of seed on the ground like grass. Yes, that actually works as long as the birds and other critters do not eat them before they sprout. If you want an immediate blast of color, you can grab some seedlings or other plants that are already blooming at the local garden store or big box store.

yellow, pink and blue wildflowers

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

This may be the easiest way, but it is probably not the most reliable. They are called seed mats, and they are pieces of paper or fabric of some kind that are embedded with seeds. You can buy them online, at the store, or even make your own. But they are not always productive. Just after we moved here about eight years ago, we bought one of these along with a canister of 2,000 wildflower seeds and did exactly what it said on the instructions. Guess how many flowers we got? One. And for all I know that one may have already been there in the first place. Sometimes taking short cuts is just not worth it. But they are cheap and sometimes they work well. It could have just been that our ground was not prepared for it. We live in the glades so there is not much soil here. Mostly bedrock and shallow dirt.

white and purple petunias

How About an Instant Garden?

If you want an instant boost of colorful flowers in your yard, head to the garden store for some annual seedlings. In fact, this may be even easier than the carpet idea and a lot more reliable. You can get a tray of 12 to 18 flowers already in bloom for about $20 at most places. Since they are already blooming, you will know exactly what you are getting and can pick the colors and varieties you like. Then all you have to do is take them home and plant them. They typically do not need any special care or food to grow for several months, all the way through summer. Here are some great choices:

  1. Begonias
  2. Geraniums
  3. Impatiens
  4. Petunias
  5. Zinnias
  6. Cosmos
  7. Sunflowers
  8. Pansies
  9. Sweet Alyssum
  10. Marigolds

hand holding a purple hydrangea bloom

How About a Shrub or Bush?

You can also choose a shrub for your yard that is already blooming. Although it is best to plant them when they are dormant in spring and fall, you can do it any time of the year. What you can plant depends on where you live. Just go to a garden store for the best choices in your area. But there are many that will do great just about anywhere. For example, the Forsythia (Forsythia intermediais) is a beautiful bush with bright yellow flowers that brightens up any yard. A flowering currant (Ribes sanguineum) has hot pink flowers with colorful berries. The hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) is also a fantastic one that comes in many colors. We used to call them snowball bushes when we were young because the blooms look like giant snowballs (ours was white). Whatever you choose, be sure to check that it will do well in your zone before buying it.

interesting colorful birdhouses

Don’t Stop There

You don’t have to stop with the flowers and bushes. Brighten up your yard with some colorful furniture or other yard art. Get some Adirondack chairs in different colors or paint them yourself. You can also hang some vibrantly colored bird feeders, birdhouses, or birdbaths. Not only will that add some color, it will also help the birds by giving them some food, water, and housing. And these birds will also help add color to your yard because many of them are very brightly colored. Other interesting things you can add to your yard or garden includes garden gnomes, fountains, windmills, garden stakes, and those really bright pink flamingos. Go wild. It’s your yard, decorate it however you like. And share your ideas with us. Post some pics in the comments section below.

spraypainting a wooden chair

Grab Some Paint

Whether you have flowers, bushes, or trees in pots in your yard, why not give them a new coat of paint? This is an easy and fun thing to do and you can even have your kids or grandkids help you. If you are artistically challenged, just paint them a dark color and splatter flecks or dots in bright colors to brighten them up. You may also want to use paint markers to do some detailed work. Better yet, paint them white and then give the kids some paint markers and let them draw whatever they want. It is like hanging the kids’ artwork on the refrigerator only it is outside for everyone to see. If you do not want to paint anything and the kids are busy, you can also choose to use other items for planters like old canisters, pottery, or jars that are already painted or decorated. Whatever you use, make sure it is non-toxic to the plants as well as whatever critters that may stick their noses in it. Have fun!