Whether it's building a brand new garden bed, a handsome bench, or tilling the entire yard creating a beautiful landscape can be back breaking work. Today marks the first day of Amazon's Prime Day 2021, and for all Amazon Prime members that means hundreds of dollars in savings on thousands of goods including top of the line power tools and even a generator that powers them for your most ambitious garden builds.

Power You Can Rely on Even in Rural Areas

 Generac GP3500iO Portable Generator

Do more with less with this 3,500 watt generator from Generac. Not only is this model significantly lighter than previous versions for convenient use in the field, it runs quieter. In addition to powering all of your tools in the yard or on a jobsite, this reliable model can also be a lifesaver in times of disaster when the traditional power grid may be down.

Normally this workhorse appliance goes for nearly $800 but on Prime Day, members can save hundreds.

Click here and use your Prime membership for a 26% discount which knocks this down to under $600.

Not Ready to Cut the Cord?

If your garden needs are a little closer to home and an entire generator seems like overkill, keep your power tools plugged in with this 40 foot power cable from Reelworks. Length matters, but three prongs means this isn't just a one to one connection for any outdoor electronics or equipment.

Unfurl here and take a third off the total price on 6/21 only.

How Much Wood Would You Chip for 20% Off?

Like many of the discounted items on this list, a wood chipper is wildly versatile. At first glance you may not think this has any place in your garden unless you have large trees or logs to mulch, but this SuperHandy 3-in-1 Mulcher doesn't just work for breaking down debris to manageable size. Woody or twiggy branches, leaves, and other yard refuse can me ground down for compost or you can mulch your entire landscape to create good drainage and perhaps encourage some fungal inoculation in your soil as wood breaks down.

Running other inputs like rubber or hay through the blades is a cheap and easy way to create rubber flooring for outdoor playgrounds or decks as well as healthy bedding for homestead animals like chickens or ducks. While it's a bit morbid, expired animals or livestock that wander onto your land can also be mulched to create bone meal fertilizers.

Pro Tip: Steam any animal bones before grinding or powderizing. This will aid with nutrient uptake once you douse your roots.

Chip 20% off the price total on Prime Day only and get to heavy duty mulching for just $460.

Blast Some Dollars Off a New Pressure Washer

Blue Teandre Pressure Washer on White Background

If you're not planning to use it at least a few times over it's lifetime, it's definitely cheaper to rent a pressure washer on as needed basis. However, the 3800PSI High Pressure Washer by TEANDE isn't just intended for decking and patios and includes specially tuned nozzles that make it perfect for giving your vehicle a professional carwash without leaving your driveway. With the right pressure setting you'll actually end up using less water clearing out lawnmowers, augers, and siding.

A powerful water jet like this is also the lazy gardener's best friend for all of those annoying maintenance jobs like cleaning out gutters, outdoor grills, or even bringing a rug back to it's day one color.

Spray it, don't say it.

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