There's no wrong time to grow, but with a sun soaked summer around the corner many a gardener is eager to get outside and in the dirt. If that's not incentive enough, how does more than half off of every item you'll need for successful summer planting? Amazon Prime Day, the online retailer's annual day of deep discounts begins on June 21 this year. For 24 full hours look for markdowns as high as 60% on these items as well as other products and tools to get your dream lawn and garden.

Prime Day will have rotating deals across multiple days beginning on June 21st with fresh, ongoing discounts cropping up all the way through July 10th. So what should this year's green thumbs have their eyes on?


Seeds Spilling Out of Cloth Bag onto Soil

Depending on what zone you're in there may be some concerns about extreme heat, but for the most part these midsummer crops are hardy enough to hunker down in the soil and sprout at just the right time. Other plants like grasses and wildflowers are also great options to give your space some curb appeal, but starting these from seed in the dead of summer can require a bit more forethought and planning and you can often just broadcast your seed without the need for trays, grow lights, or specialized irrigation. Staple vegetables like broccoli, carrots, kale, and even corn are all viable despite the temperatures in June and July.

Pick up a pound of Non-GMO broccoli seeds grown in the U.S.

Seedling Trays

While direct sowing into your soil is perfectly fine, to sprout perfect plants put your best foot forward by starting your seeds in a container. Doing so allows for more control over the heat, humidity, and overall health of your seedlings. It's also convenient if your growing space is still jam packed with everything blooming from last season. Just keep your sprouts in their trays and transplant them outside when the weather is just right.

This 10 pack of seedling trays has wide compartments almost two inches wide for each pod, which is plenty of room for your roots to develop and spread out, and make no mistake. That's a 10 pack of full trays with 12 compartments each meaning you can dive in with up to 120 individual cells. But the real benefit to this seed tray is the adjustable dome that's included. Cover your freshly planted seeds and create a greenhouse effect similar to a mini hoop house. If things get too humid in your tray, you can remove the dome completely or use the very novel twistable vent at the top to adjust the humidity incrementally.

Doubly Discounted

Normally this set of multiple seed trays is over $25 and is currently 50% off if you just can't wait. When lighting strikes on the 21st however, an extra 10% is coming off the top for Prime Day.

Give your seeds the best chance with these trays from Bonivee.

Jump Start Slow Growing Seeds with Grow Lights

Colorful Grow Lights Above Sprouting Plants

Even though your seeds begin their growth cycle buried in darkness, sunlight is still an essential factor. When starting seeds indoors or controlled conditions like a tray, adding a grow light can kickstart sprouting. Choosing the right spectra of light and ensuring your plant has unobstructed exposure to it also prevents sickly or leggy stalks that form when a sprout has to stretch itself reaching for a suitable light source.

Likesuns LED Grow Light features a dual head and 10 adjustable settings for dimming or brightening the intensity of light your seeds get, and as they're LEDs these are low energy grow lights so you'll cut your grow time and costs on electricity. A gooseneck allows the lamps to be directed in all 360 degrees for versatile placement so you can supplement sunlight anywhere.

Amazon Prime Day's deal mean the price is also adjustable. Not quite 360 degrees, but expect a 60% markdown. Normally $32 you'll potentially be shining those rays every which way for only a cool $12.

Available here with a timer function and varying wattages.

Tools For Transplanting: Easy on Roots, Easy for You

Prime Day garden goodies can carry you every step of the way. When it's time to transplant your burgeoning broccoli or comparable crops, have tools on hand that will protect your hands and body from strain and make transplanting seedlings to containers or grow beds a breeze.

Amazon's 24 hour lighting sale on an 8-piece garden tool kit may only have a reduced price tag on June 22nd, but the entire kit will last you much longer than that. Made by Scuddles, this heavy duty gardening kit marks a return to the drawing board and tough but smartly engineered additions like stainless steel tool heads and ergonomic wood handles will have you using these items long after your initial harvest season. It's an ideal choice for gardeners that with limited mobility or conditions like arthritis where repetitive motions like digging can be uncomfortable. Green thumbs of all types usually only get the one pair of hands and wrists, so work smart not hard.

Check out every piece of this garden tool kit and it's weatherproof tote here.

Use Self Watering Spikes and Get Over Overwatering

Watering Outdoor Plants

Summer heat means two things: the garden's going to need water, and us gardeners will inevitably quench our crops with too much or too little H2O. Stop making mistakes with transplants and consider using self watering spikes like this terracotta set. Just stab them into the ground or in the edge of a planter pot and rest easy knowing your plants will be watered properly. Grabbing these just in time for summer means being able to take a vacation without worrying about the houseplants a continent away.

Come back on June 21 for 60% off a 6-pack of slow release watering spikes.

Put the Sprouts on Sprout Duty

The Scuddles kit above already includes a good pair of gloves that can take wear and tear, but this season is just the time to get kids out into the garden. After a pandemic and a very long school year, playing in the dirt will be a blast. Keep the kids clean and free of cuts, thorns, and bug bites with a pair of rubber coated, unisex garden gloves just their size.

Get 2 pairs for over half off when Amazon Prime Day kicks off. That's four gloves for the price of one.

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