Once again, August is here and our unique County Fair is accepting entries. We have a long tradition here at DG of showcasing the best of the garden and our Pixel County Fair does just that. Entries come from around the world and the membership votes on their favorites. Categories are designed so that everyone should have at least one place to enter. It doesn't matter whether you live on a farm, suburban neighborhood or a city apartment. There's a place for you.

There's a category for everyone

Categories include Barns, Flower Arrangements, Pets, Quilts, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Veggies, Homemade Sweet Treats and many others. You can enter up to two photos in each category. Once the submission time is up, the whole population gets a chance to vote on their favorites. Winners receive a year's subscription, a mug with a blue ribbon and a blue ribbon for their profile. Second and third place winners receive six month and two month subscriptions. Any member can enter, whether you are a paid subscriber or a free access member, the entire population of the Garden is eligible.

Balcony or Patio Gardens by Oxdriftgardener

patio gardens

How to enter the Pixel County Fair

Entering your photos in the Pixel County Fair is easy. Just make sure you are logged in. Let us know if you need help with that. Once you're logged in, this link will take you to the entry area. Just click on the category that best describes your image and follow the prompts. Your image will be placed in the contest and when the voting date arrives on August 20th, all the images entered will be visible and voting will start. Select the image in each category that you like the best, then your second favorite and your third favorite. Points will be awarded automatically and the image with the most points wins. We will have an article at the close of the contest to showcase all of our winners and links to the rest of the entries.

Favorite Barn by rteets


Our fair has no boundaries

Over the years, we've had some wonderful winners and we hope that this year is no different. This contest is unique in that it has no geographical boundaries. Our county is the Garden and we're all residents. We love seeing the wonderful diversity that makes up our population and hope you'll share your special places, plants, animals and produce. Fairs and harvest festivals have been with us as long as there's been civilization. However, it seems that the Middle Ages were when they became the most organized. People traveled great distances and there was entertainment, food, games and other activities to draw crowds for days on end. These days, our Pixel County Fair lets us enjoy the celebration without ever leaving home.

Favorite Fruits by adinamiti


I've included a few of our past winners to enjoy and we hope to see your entries in this year's fair. Join us in celebrating the fruits of the season!

Favorite Canned or Preserved Foods by MaypopLaurel

canned or preserved foods