The pandemic quarantine made us creative

2020 has been an unusual year and most of the world has been quarantined in our homes at one time or another. We've had to deal with unusual shortages and new ways of schooling children or connecting with co-workers and entertainment. There's been no festivals, movies, parties or cruises, so what have we been doing with our time? Many people learned new skills or refreshed their knowledge of old ones. For a time, flour and yeast were impossible to purchase, so the ones who could obtain flour learned to make sourdough. Some enterprising bakers even bartered the starter for other essentials like toilet paper. Some mail order seed houses had to suspend orders for a week at a time, just to catch up with shipping. And these companies are large enough, that handling numerous transactions shouldn't have been an issue. There was just that much interest in vegetable gardening this spring. As a by-product of these vegetable gardens, canning and freezing supplies quickly emptied from the shelves and are still in short supply, unless you want to pay three times the price from hoarders. Many other people took this time to build a deck, or restore an old car. Others learned to quilt or knit. People that could sew, made masks for those who couldn't.

fabric face masks

How the Pandemic Projects Contest works

We are wanting to know what you've done to pass the time and have created a special contest just for Pandemic Projects. This contest will work similar to the other contests we've had in the past, except there will only be one category. You will upload your images and the membership will vote on the best ones. If you need to show a before and after, paste the images together so that the viewers can see them side by side. You can Dmail Melody if you need help pasting the images together. She will paste the images together and send them back to you, so you can upload them. You will still be allowed to upload 2 images, however they should be 2 different projects and the membership will vote on them as such. The contest will accept entries from the 4th through the 15th. Voting will begin on the 16th and run through the 24th. Please include a short description with your image, so that we'll all know about your project.

custom painted Harley Davidson

Here's what you can win

And now for the best part...the prizes! For this special contest, we are giving Amazon gift cards along with DG subscriptions. The overall winner will receive a $100 gift card, second place will receive a $75 card, third a $50 card and there will be 5, $25 runners up. We know that people have endured hardship and inconvenience this year and want to help out where we can. We felt that this extra contest would be fun and also possibly help relieve a bit of financial burden on some of our members. We are very interested in how you've spent your time this year while you were at home. We are also giving subscriptions and the first place winner will receive a 1 year subscription, second, 8 months, third, 6 months and the runners-up, 4 months each.

garden vegetables

Enter the Pandemic Projects Contest

The contest page is here. You will need to be a registered member and logged in to participate. Let us know if you need help with either of these. The Contact Us link is the best place to reach out for assistance. We hope you all participate and show us how you've been spending your time this year. Also remember that our Annual Photo Contest starts the first week of October and the winners will be featured on our 2021 DG Calendar. We want to end the season or a high note, so we're hoping everyone will show us what they've been doing!

tie dye shirts