Our Pixel County Fair is in its 10th year

We have a decade-long tradition here at DG this month. Our 10th Annual Pixel County Fair is open for entries. Members from around the world show off the fruits of their harvests, their animals and handiwork. It is definitely the oldest on-line fair in existence and more than likely still the only one. Our Pixel County Fair is just part of a long-standing tradition of harvest festivals and fairs. We welcome anyone and there is sure to be a category suitable for just about everyone. We wanted to make our fair inclusive, regardless whether you live on a rural farm or in a city high rise apartment, and were careful to give everyone a chance to show off what they have accomplished this year.apples and apple jelly with biscuits

Humans have celebrated with fairs and harvest festivals for thousands of years

Fairs and festivals have been a part of human history for thousands of years. Originally, the fair was part of the celebration of the holy days for whatever deity they worshiped. Wherever people gathered to celebrate, chances are there was a harvest festival with competition for the biggest and best. For most cultures, the harvest season was the most important time. A good harvest ensured the community would survive the winter. We are lucky enough that our survival doesn't depend on what we gather these days, however a little friendly competition is just the thing to end the season.

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What can I enter in the Pixel County Fair?

Let us see your pickles, jams and jellies. Or what about your favorite farm animals or pets? Apartment dwellers can show off their balcony or patio gardens, or their yummiest baked treats. Quilters are always a part of any fair these days and ours is no exception. Embroidery, weaving, macrame and watercolors all have a spot in the craft area. Show us your favorite barns, best flower arrangement or your fruit and vegetable harvest. We want to see what you’ve been doing. Even if you don’t enter, you can be a judge. The whole Garden population votes on their favorites. First place winners will receive a great utility or barbecue apron with the County Fair logo emblazoned on the front and a 1 year subscription to the premium areas of the community. Second place winners receive a 6 month subscription and third place winners a 3 month subscription.

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various vegetables

Let us help if you need to register or log in

You’ll need to be a registered member to enter or vote, however you do not have to have a paid membership. We value our free-access members just as much and encourage you to join in as well. Surprisingly enough, many of our first-time winners have been free access members. Let us know if you have trouble signing up or logging in, we’ll be more than happy to help. Here’s the link to enter the Pixel County Fair. You can enter up to 2 images in each category, so go through your files, or simply take some pictures of your handiwork. The images will go into a queue and become visible when the voting starts on the 20th. That way, everyone’s images will be viewed for the same amount of time. Voting will end on the 31st and we’ll announce the winners and runners-up shortly after that. Come join us as we celebrate the harvest. Our virtual fair is safe and healthy with no crowds or masks.

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Join us as we celebrate virtually

Fairs and festivals have been a custom since the dawn of human history. Our Pixel County Fair is just another step in the evolution of the tradition. We hope these images will give you some ideas and inspiration. Also, don't forget that our annual Photo Contest starts in October. Winners will be featured on our 2022 DG Calendar.

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