If it’s time to buy a gift for a loved one who loves to garden, a plant-related gift is a no-brainer, but there are so many ideas to choose from with this type of gift. One of the most beautiful things that gardeners adore are flowering plants. The lovely pop of color from the blossoms is perfect for any home. Here are some great starter ideas on what to pick.


With over 30,000 species of orchids, there are plenty of choices when it comes to shapes and color (though you won't find all varieties in the store). This lovely exotic plant is considered by some to be difficult to take care of, but anyone who is willing to follow the guidelines closely should be able to get lovely blooms in their home.


If you have an image of a boring green cactus in your mind that you might’ve seen in a western movie, think again. Cacti come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and some also have beautiful blooms. Cacti just need a lot of sunlight (and not a lot of watering).

African Violets

These small plants offer lots of blooming flowers in a cool variety of colors. Some indoor growers have found that with the right circumstances, you can get these plants to bloom several times a year. This means keeping them in a bright place with high humidity, avoiding direct light, and paying close attention to how you water them.


The tropical hibiscus is a beautiful symbol of exotic locales, but the intrepid grower can successfully keep a hibiscus growing in their own home. This is not a plant for a beginner as it requires a great deal of care, but is a gorgeous sight to behold. There are a number of pests that enjoy dining on these plants, so be prepared to protect it.


If you’re looking for a flower bulb that's magnificent, look no further than the amaryllis. This plant has long stalks of greenery with deeply colored flowers that are sure to wow any space. They come in multi-color, orange, pink, red, and salmon. The bulb will flower depending on when it’s been planted, and then it can be carefully removed and stored for about six weeks. Then, it’s time to replant the bulb to get it to bloom again.


You may be thinking that this is a flowering plant on the wrong list if you’re familiar with these as outdoor blooming plants, but begonias also work well as indoor potted plants. They are usually very undemanding when it comes to care, and are rather easy to get blooming. With the wide variety of colors, you’re sure to find a plant that will work well as a gift.


In the same vein as the begonia, there are small potted tea roses that make excellent indoor plants. You get all of the splendor of the larger roses, but in a much smaller form. This is a perfect idea for someone who loves roses, but for one reason or another cannot keep the larger varieties.


Lavender is a lovely herb with nicely fragrant flowers. You might overlook herbs when it comes to finding the perfect flowering potted plant, but don’t ignore this potential powerhouse. It doesn’t take a lot to care for your lavender plant as these are rather hardy. Just keep in mind that these plants require the soil to not be overly wet and that they can be prone to growing fungus in wet or humid conditions.


Although this flower can be considered old-fashioned, there is a good reason why it’s remained popular with gardeners over the years. While not the most exotic on this list, it does offer lovely flowers on a plant that is relatively easy to grow. It comes in a variety of delightful colors sure to liven up the space.


This option is sometimes called the goldfish plant because its blooms resemble little goldfish. The orange tubular blossoms are very striking against deep green foliage. This plant works well indoors in hanging baskets. Columnea like bright, but not direct light. This plant loves being watered, and the soil should never be allowed to dry out completely.

This is just the beginning of all the different flowering plants you can give your favorite gardener as a gift. Some of these require the expert care of a knowledgeable gardener while others are safe for new gardeners. The most difficult part in giving one of these lovely plants will be narrowing down which one they'll love the best.