The DG Photo Contest is two decades old

It's that time of year again. Our Annual Photo Contest is now accepting entries and we can't wait to see what you have been doing. The DG Photo Contest is probably one of the oldest internet photo contests in existence and we are very proud of that tradition. The contest turns two decades old this year. It is one of the most anticipated and planned-for events in our community and members from around the world show off their skills each fall by entering their best images. Our contest is unique in that we as a community vote on our favorites and the photographers can take pride in the fact that their virtual garden neighbors chose the winners.

What the Photo Contest winners receive

When the voting has concluded and winners announced, we will feature them on our 2021 DG calendar. All winners will receive one and we also make the link available for everyone to purchase one of these keepsakes if they like. Each image is labeled with the photographer's DG handle and the category that it won. Winners also receive a year's subscription to the premium areas of the community and the runners up receive subscriptions in six and three month increments. A premium subscription gives the user access to post in all of the forums and they also have the ability to turn off the advertisements if they wish. They also have the ability to send more than 2 Dmail private messages in a 24 hour period and if you trade much, this is very handy.

Winning images are featured on the 2021 DG Calendar

The winning image that receives the most votes overall is featured on the cover and this is a very coveted honor. There are 19 categories which gives us one for the cover, with the next twelve highest votes in each category are featured on their own month. The six images receiving the next highest votes in the remaining categories are featured together on the back cover. We also keep the link live to show off the second and third place runners-up, so that everyone gets a chance to see the winners. Everyone can enter up to two images in each category and when the entries close on the 23rd, all of the images will be live for the community to vote on. To keep things fair, we only make the images visible when entries close, so that everyone gets a fair chance with the vote.

Enter the DG Photo Contest

Here is the link to the contest page. You'll need to be registered and logged in here in the main community before you can enter. Facebook followers will need a profile over here as well. Let us know if you need help with that. This link will help you create a profile or log in. Just tell us what you need. We would like for your images to be at least 1200 pixels wide so that they fit the calendar format. This is rarely an issue since the majority of cameras and camera phones take images that are much larger, however it is best to make sure that everyone knows this information.

Enjoy images from some of the previous winners

We'd like to show off some of the previous winners of the Photo Contest. The talent here in the Garden is amazing and it is with great pride that we give everyone another show of some of the best over the years. If you click on the title of each image, it will take you to the contest page where it won. Please take some time and enjoy the other images that our members entered. We have entries from around the world and it is so nice to see gardens and scenery that we may never get the chance to in real life. Enjoy the previous entries and we're sure that you'll love this year's as well!

2012 Tropicals and Houseplants Winner: DaylilySLP


2013 Roses Winner by: DebinSC

lavender rose

2013 Annuals and Perennials Winner by: Optibotany

orange and yellow flowers

2014 Sunrise, Sunset and Moonscape Winner by: Sunkissed

scenic sunset over a lake

2015 Butterflies, Caterpillars and Moths Winner by: C_A_Ivy

black swallowtail on purple flower

2016 Container Gardening Winner by: oxdriftgardener

rustic wagon filled with blooming flowers