Have you ever considered vertical gardening only to put it off for one reason or another? Believe it or not, vertical gardening is a wonderful trend that every gardener can and should take advantage of this growing season. Here's why you should be growing upwards this year:

Saves Space

The first thing that everyone thinks of when they hear the words "vertical gardening" is space. It goes without saying that growing upwards will save you a lot of space on the ground. This comes in handy when you live in an area that doesn't have a lot of outdoor space to offer — or if you’re looking to maximize the space you do have to grow even more plants.

Goes Hand in Hand with Container Gardening

vertical container garden

Something that people with small yards often turn to is container gardening. Vertical gardening can also be of great assistance when it comes to this, as it provides a way to further maximize your available growing space.

Prevents Waste

Growing vertically also helps prevent waste. Plants that are grown vertically are less likely to hide the fruits of your labor, so you can rest assured knowing you'll never miss out on a perfectly good crop. You’ll also have an easier time harvesting the crops that are produced in a vertical garden.

Prevents Plant Damage

Growing horizontally on the soil can result in parts of your plants getting stepped on and being damaged. A vertical garden can help prevent this, since most of your plants will be well off of the ground. Of course, you still should treat your vertical plants with great care, but you'll be thankful for how easy and stress-free it is to walk around the garden afterward.

Helps with Pests

Vertical gardening is also beneficial in that it keeps some of the pests that might otherwise bother your plants away. When your plants are growing horizontally, it's like they're just waiting for critters to come along and enjoy their fill. When they're up off of the ground, however, you'll find that pests like slugs are no longer able to access them in the same fashion. Additionally, you’ll see that the way these plants are grown can prove beneficial in keeping disease from spreading among them.

Easier on the Back

Some people are forced to give up gardening because they’re physically unable to bend over and tend to their beds for long periods of time. Vertical gardening gives these individuals a chance to easily care for and harvest their crops, especially when used in tandem with raised container beds. You won’t ever have to bend down too far when harvesting, weeding, watering, or fertilizing if you opt for the raised bed. However, you should remember that you may have to use a step ladder to reach some of your vertical plants' highest stems.

Higher Crop Yield

vertical gardening often results in higher crop yields

You can often experience a higher crop yield by planting vertically. This happens because vertically-grown plants are often easier to take care of and healthier than those grown on the ground. They also tend to get better airflow than those grown horizontally, which helps keep them growing strong and avoid some diseases that are easily spread around when airflow is non-existent. A more abundant harvest is always a nice bonus.

Grow More

In addition to yielding a more significant harvest, vertical gardening also allows you to grow more plants in areas you’ve used horizontally in the past. Think about how many more plants you could grow if your cucumbers or squash plants were growing upwards rather than out across the soil. You'll finally be able to plant all the things you didn’t think you had enough room for before.

Green Fencing

living wall

Growing vertically gives you a way to create living walls and green fencing. This can be an excellent way to give yourself some extra privacy from your neighbors when you’re out in the yard or hide a part of your garden from view. For instance, a vertical garden could be used to separate most of your yard from the area where you keep bees or your compost pile.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Finally, vertical gardens are great because they're just so visually pleasing. Just think of all the "rooms" you could create in your garden using lattices and other support structures. The way your garden looks may not be so important to you, but it’s always nice to have something lovely to look at.

Vertical gardening may seem like something that's only for those who are limited in space, but it’s a smart trend that has a lot of benefits to offer every gardener. Why not give vertical gardening a go this year and see how well everything grows? You may be surprised by how much this technique changes the way you garden.