Even if the coronavirus is over by the time you read this, it does not take much time to do any of these DIY planters because you will be using odds and ends that you have in your house for the most part. You may need to get some paint or potting soil if needed, but otherwise, we are going to be recycling things that you have lying around that you just do not want to throw away. You have probably already seen some really unique planters made out of buckets, concrete, and wood. But we want to do something different.

wood pallets

Pallet Planters

There are always some sort of fun things to do with pallets. The first one I have is a really easy one. The free-standing pallet planter. All you have to do is stand it up on its side, use scrap wood at the base to make braces so it will stand up on its own. Then sand it down and stain or paint it. Whichever you prefer. To make the planting areas, use landscaping fabric, and add some potting soil. Then all you have to do is plant the seeds or seedlings and you are done! An alternative way to do this is to put the landscaping fabric on one side of the pallet and lay it down so the plants grow out of the sides. That is good if you are not handy enough to make legs on your pallet. Either way, it is a great use for something that would otherwise be trash.

colorful hanging tire planters

Auto Planters

Yes, you can make a planter out of a vehicle. If you have a huge yard, you can even use a real one. I have seen different styles of vehicle planters like my friend Teresa’s Volkswagen and another one that is an old rusty truck where the truck bed was just full of beautiful flowers. But, if you don’t have a bunch of land for this type of thing, make a mini-vehicle garden. You can get a bunch of old toy cars and trucks and put plants inside so that they grow out of the windows and windshield. Wouldn’t it be cute to have a whole line of them parked in a bed of gravel? Adorable. An old dump truck or some toy boats would also be great. All you need is some potting soil and seedlings and you are done. Got some old tires? You can use them as pots too. Just use some landscaping fabric on one side, lay it down, and dump in the soil. Put a bunch of flowers or succulents for a fun and easy planter. Some people hang the tire on a fence and plant a hanging plant like a spider or ivy plant as well, just remember to poke a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage.

wooden raised bed planter


There are all sorts of things around the house you could put to good use. Got an old dresser in the basement? Use the drawers as planters. All you have to do is toss in some potting soil and plants and find a sunny spot to put them in. How about an old sink? Maybe an old toilet? Bathtubs make excellent planters. You just have to have the space to put them. And with a bathtub, you are going to need a lot of potting soil! But it will be worth it. Have any old boom boxes, a colander, or even a typewriter? Any of these can be made into a cool place to plant some flowers. Just use your imagination. It doesn’t have to be something old, either. Maybe a bowl or weird decorative you got as a gift and don’t know what to do with.

bluejeans with buttons


Yes, I have seen blue jeans made into a planter. Just cut the legs about halfway and sew them shut. Push two planters inside the top of the jeans and fill them with dirt and flowers. You can even hang it by the belt loops with some rope. The pots make the seat actually look like someone is wearing them. Shoes make excellent and very unique planters. Especially rain boots or cowboy boots. Tennis shoes work well too. But I have even seen some high heels as planters. Line up some old shoes on your deck and fill them with soil and flowers. Instant decorations.

using a wheelbarrow as a planter

Outdoor Items

It may seem obvious, but why not use a wheelbarrow as a planter? As long as you are not planning to use it for what it is originally used for, that is. This is an easy one too. Dump in a bunch of potting soil and place some pretty flowers inside. You can even paint it first to make it even prettier. Old watering cans, milk crates, broken bird feeders you cannot use anymore, cracked birdbaths, or anything else you can find that would hold dirt and plants. Send us a picture of your idea in the comments below!