Vertical gardening is a way of life for some people because it gives them a chance to grow things when they don’t have a lot of space for a traditional garden; others enjoy it for the chance to do something different. No matter your reason, vertical gardening can create beautiful living wall art in your home or yard. Now, not everyone is handy enough to create their own from scratch, but the good news is that there are some great products on the market that you can use if you’d rather hit the ground running.

GroVert Planters

GroVert planters come in a variety of sizes. They are made with a HDPE biocomposite material and come with a moisture mat inside that is their proprietary product that works with their patented irrigator. It also comes with a collection tray to help keep the water from hitting the floor.

The really great thing about this product is that it is designed for anyone to be able to mount. A mounting bracket comes with it that you can easily attach where you want it to go. Then, you’ll be able to plant each of the cells in the unit and tilt it to it into place on the bracket. You can also get creative and buy the smaller units to put together in any fashion on the wall for a more dynamic look.

Apex Intertrade Modular Livings VPlant

These wall planters from Apex hook together to create a fun vertical garden for your home. They are very funky looking, and really will make an impact statement with the area you’re planning on livening up with the vertical wall. The reviews are in, and most people really like this, but they all agree that the installation instructions are vital to not breaking any of the planters. You can also grow a nice variety of plants in this system as each unit has a decent size and dimensions.

Algreen Vertical Living Wall Planter

The Algreen planter is another nice decoration piece that is very functional. This particular vertical garden planter is exceptional because you have the option of either hanging it on the wall or just having it as a standing garden. It has three planters that can be positioned in the unit where you want them and has a draining system. You don’t even have to use all three of the planters if you’d rather just use one or two. The materials it’s made out of are weather resistant and non-toxic. This system is probably not big enough to grow something like tomatoes, but you can still get a nice herb garden going or fill it with other smaller plants.

Gronomics Vertical Garden

The Gronomics Vertical Garden is a great option for anyone that is worried about not having a sturdy enough wall to hang a heavy vertical garden or for those who live in an apartment where they aren’t allowed to hang these types of items. Think of this planting system like a raised bed that is standing up rather than lying down with each of the wooden growing areas tilted towards the back to keep your soil and plants in place.

This is a long and thin unit that will fit in many areas that other gardening units won't, but it can still suit a nice variety of plants, such as lettuce and spinach in the top rows and some strawberries in the lower rows. We're sure you'll actually have fun setting up this unit.

What to Look For

While each of these brands has something to offer, there are a few considerations you should take into account before you decide what to buy. First, where are you going to hang it or place it? This will help you to determine size and weight of the system you choose, as well as whether you want something that can mount or that has a stand.

The next thing is what you want to plant. The size of the units in your vertical garden system will play a role in what types of plants you can grow. Some people are just looking for a stunning piece with moss and other similar low growing plants while others use their vertical gardens for so much more. You’ll also want to keep in mind if it will be kept indoors or outdoors, what materials it’s made out of, and other similar concerns. This will help you to purchase the system you’re going to use rather than the one that is going to collect dust in storage or got returned for one reason or another.

Each of these products offers the perfect solution for vertical gardening. They have a nice variety of price points and sizes, making it possible for you to find which one suits your needs the best. Just be sure that you follow all of the instructions of the brand you buy when it comes to hanging and planting so that your garden doesn’t fall down or fail to thrive.