There are a vast number of ways nature can help us protect our homes. When utilizing what nature has given us, we are able to enjoy not only the beauty but also tasty treats. The added bonus to using natural landscaping is the security we are able to create.

Rambling roses such as, Lady Banks, as well as many other species of plant life will do the trick.

Image For a fence line, I recommend a Cherokee rose vine. It will grow quickly and fill out nicely. This rose has beautiful blooms with a scent that will fill the air around your property on those warm sunny days. It will also donate some rather lovely petals to your potpourri dish.

Image Blackberry bushes will work nicely as well. It does tend to take them a little longer to grow. They make for some thorny security that doubles as a tasty treat. If you are planting them for security reasons, ensure that you do not get the thornless berry bushes or vines.

Image I do not personally recommend planting these close to the house as snakes do favor berries and this could cause added risk to small children along with the rest of the family. However, some people have done exactly that for a lovely hedge.

A good choice, in my opinion, to plant under or near windows is the Altai rose it is probably the spiniest of rose family. Or, if one prefers a rose that can both climb and easily be trimmed into a lovely hedge, one option is to plant the Scotch Briar Rose. It is absolutely beautiful and deceptively innocent looking. When someone gets too close to this particular beauty, moving against it, it will dig into the skin. The Scotch Briar Rose is disease resistant and grows well in zones 3b through 9b. It has a 2.5 inch bloom that is pink, yellow, or white.

Image Another option for windows that are ground level that you want to protect, for example, your baby's nursery, your child's room, or the bathroom is a Taihape Rose. This is a rose that grows well, it has sturdy branches and slightly longer than normal thorns. This particular rose is available commercially from most nurseries, Wal-Mart and K-Mart department stores.

The first thing that should be done is make a diagram of your property. Where are the areas that you believe to be weak or vulnerable areas??? What would you like to do that would make these areas less accessible to people who should not be there? Is this spot a good place for a bush or a vine?

ImageOne possibility for a ground floor window is to build a screen of lattice work and then plant a thorny vine on it. One example is the Betty Prior Rose. You have the ability then, to assure more privacy, once the vines fill in. This will also allow for a good breeze in the area. It is always a better idea, when possible, not to disrupt your airflow.

Take into consideration, the possibility that during a fire this may also be your escape route (so it is probably a good idea to leave out the alligator filled moat).

You will also want to make sure that you check the recommended zones for your plant choices. You do not want to plant bushes that you will have to spend serious money on, only to have them die off in a few months or at the first frost. There are many choices that are appropriate for a vast many zones. Such as the blackberries, there are some for nearly every zone.

The possibilities are nearly endless. Take the time to design your secure-scape and then just dive in. You'll be glad you did.

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