Image If you desire gardens which are, not only lovely to wander through in the cool of the eve, but also reflect a particular ambiance then adding a garden accessory is a must. I am not a stickler for design in my home or my gardens; still I make an effort to keep to the basic design of my gardens when adding elements. I bear in mind one simple concept when planning and accessorizing my garden. It is that a harmonious garden is one in which the architect has created a gentle flow of color, texture and balance. Repetition is also good in the garden.

Image Take, for instance, Japanese gardens. Without the individual elements which emphasize the characteristically oriental design it would not be as effectively put on.

Image Chateau de Versailles gardens-Picture taken by deror avi on June 2005.
On the other hand how would a farmhouse look with gardens such as the formal gardens at Versailles stretched out before it?

Garden design is not as difficult as one may suppose, however. When planning a garden think of your yard as you would a room in your home. Try to keep a gentle flow of color, texture and balance with a bit of repetition thrown in to benefit the eye. The first bit of business is to pick a design and stick with it. Then you plan and finally plant your garden. After planning and planting your garden you are free to choose the elements which best suit your garden's particular design, and then accessorize your garden with them. But by no means must you be fastidious about your garden design and its accompanying accessories. If you prefer a hodge-podge of elements thrown in with your garden then do so, and enjoy it. Your garden would not be unique to you if it were not your own creation. So create to your heart's content.

But remember; decorate your garden as you would a room in your home. You may have a particular design you prefer. Begin there and embellish the design with elements which accentuate it. Some ways to accessorize your garden are listed below.

Image A whimsical garden element such as this frog house would be a delightful accessory in a cottage or child's garden.

Image I mounted a series of birdhouses on 4x4 posts and accessorized my cottage dooryard garden with them.

Image Photo from Kevin at
Gates rather utilized as an entrance point into the yard or not make wonderfully unique garden elements. Employ a dark painted wrought iron gate to accessorize a Victorian themed garden or a white picket gate in a cottage garden.

Image Obelisks add height and beauty to a garden. There are a variety of obelisks on the market. Choose one with your specific garden design in mind.

Image Using statuary to accessorize a garden is an age old approach. This day and age, however, there are countless types of statuary to purchase for accessorizing your garden. Explore the available selections before you buy so you might find a statue which will be unique to your garden and your neighborhood.

Image Old wagon wheels and an antique well pump placed within a newly planted cottage garden is a unique and appropriate way to accessorize along the side of a barn.

Image You might locate an interesting rock and use it as a focal point in your garden. If you do not live in a place where rocks are easily found they can be purchased from a rock supplier. Large rocks can be costly, however.

Image The kitchen sink isn't just for the kitchen anymore. You can plant flowers in it, and place it in the midst of a garden for a lighthearted accessory.

Other ways to accessorize your garden include:
Containers of flowers or evergreens
Arbors or Trellises
Garden wall such as low curving stone walls
Gazing balls placed on pedestals or cast amid the foliage on the ground add a glistening touch.
Paths which lead to a bench
Wind chimes

As any room in your home your garden will benefit from the right accessory. So make haste and accessorize your garden.

Photos not otherwise attributed are from my gardens.

~Pleasant gardening

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