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My wife and I were married during the month of January in Tucson, Arizona. The winter months here are generally mild but the evenings can get cool and on occasion the temperatures can occasionally dip below freezing. Saying that, most of our plants tend to do well in the winter and on the very rare occasion a rose bush will bloom.

During our ceremony the pastor (who is also a dear friend of ours) told a story of one of the rose bushes on his property. He went on to say that all but one of the rose bushes he had planted performed exceptionally well. There was always a multitude of blooms on all the plants but one. When we first planted it, we were enamored by the heavenly fragrant yellow blooms. Yellow roses are my wife's favorite so we have kept it around in case it should bloom again.

Well, years had come and gone and there were some blooms which appeared but nothing spectacular. The rose bush itself was very healthy and received the same amount of care and attention as the others. It was just reluctant to bloom.

ImageThe story continued. A close friend of ours was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and she was given only months to live. I want to get married and I want YOU to marry us she told me. I want to be a bride and share my love with all that I care about most. Considering her situation we went into action to give her the one thing she desired most - the wedding of her dreams. I am pleased to say we were successful and the day was beautiful. We were blessed because our friend beat the odds and lived nearly a year after her wedding. We had her funeral here nearly a year ago today. On the day of her funeral that yellow rose bush had blooms on it. We could not believe it! I tell you this because today, that same bush is blooming once again. In fact, it has not bloomed since the day of our friend's funeral. It is truly miraculous and to me is the absolute perfect symbol of the love you two have for each other.

Everyone turned to look at the rose and sure enough there were beautiful yellow blooms. I asked our photographer to take a photo of it. To the left is a picture of the rose blooming on the day of our wedding. Of all the photos we have on display from our wedding, this photograph means the most to us.

It seems flowers and plants have their own rhyme and reason for what they do. I share with you this story to illustrate the personal interconnectivity we have with all living things. We respond to them. They respond to us. Love is the most powerful of all emotions and it is love that allowed that rose to bloom at a time when it should be quietly sleeping.

The thumb image is a royalty free image from Dreamstime. The photo of the rose blooming on our wedding day is courtesy Ian Hunt. Used with permission.