Is anything as pretty as a pink posy? Can't you just see your daughter running up to you with a lovely cotton candy blossom tucked behind her ear? Oh how pink makes me long for summer when I think of it on those blistery winter morns. For surely, there is nothing as sweetly charmed as "Pink".


(C)Moby-Asiatic Lily 'Trogon'

Did ya know, a "posy" is a flower?! Tongue out

.....(C)philomel-Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily 'Nancy's Red'
It isn't just the pink blooms on a redbud that make it flow so nicely in a blushing garden. Take a look at those heart shaped leaves! They're all aflutter like maidens in love! (C)crimsontsavo-Hibiscus There seems to be a Hibiscus for every taste and climate. We have our hardies and our tropicals so why not add one or ten to your plantings? Bring the tropics home!
.......(C)crimsontsavo-Hibiscus Bud Lucky you, the one that decides on a pink garden! There are so many wonderful flowers and plants to choose from! .....(C)crimsontsavo-Hollyhock
When thinking of a backdrop for your beautiful pinks, the Sweet Potato Vine "Blackie", though a blackish purple would show lovely pink undertones when paired with blushing blossoms. (C)crimsontsavo-SweetPotatoVine Hollyhocks add height to your design, bringing your eyes skyward, Never forget to level your gardens as this makes for a truly wonderfully finished product.
(C)GardenGuyKin-Trumpet Lily 'Pink Perfection'

God gave us all the pink posies and sweetly scented cotton candy petals that we may be happy for ever and ever! Innocent

(C)alicewho-Common Cosmos, Mexican Aster, Cosmea 'Double Click'
White is an easy companion choice when it comes to pink. You could scatter swatches of white daisies or some other simple flower masses to fill in spaces and give a foil for your perfect pinks! (C)crimsontsavo-Cosmos Cosmos come in a wide variety of pinks, these add sure color and movement to a garden. An addition that requires little if no care at all to maintain! Just look at how pure and rich that blossom is. My camera isn't lying, it really IS that gorgeous!
.(C)crimsontsavo-Redbud A little tip for your cosmos, trim them back before and after their first flush of blooms as this will give you a bushier plant with more flowers! (C)crimsontsavo-Pansy
Let's not forget the trees! Redbuds and fruit trees offer up their very own hues as well. These plants are nearly solid blooms when at their best. Nothing is as sweet and true as a bushel full of pink posies! (C)amethystsm-Common Cosmos 'Summer Dreams' Ahhhh, the pansy! Is there anything sweeter or more inviting than a handful of pretty pansies? I think not! If you whack them after their flush of blooms you can get them to start all over again!
Kell-African Daisy 'Pink Sugar' These two would look spectacular together. African Daisy, "Pink Sugar" and Mexican Shrubby Spurge. ..(C)ilima -Mexican Shrubby Spurge, Red Spurge
Be careful when planting Flowering Quince, though it seems sweet it has massive SHARP thorns that HURT! ..(C)crimsontsavo-FloweringQuince Check out this lovely Flowering Quince. Its just Perfectly ablaze in pink when in full bloom!
(C)esw-Asiatic Lily 'Coral Butterflies' The Monte Negro Asiatic Lily to the right adds a bit of drama with it's dark color. Make sure to grab one or two if you can! ...(C)tyke_Asiatic Lily 'Monte Negro'
The Coral Butterflies Asiatic Lily above lends it's own charm to any area. It would be a welcome addition to the entry way into your garden. A whole mass of them on either side of your gate would be marvelous! ......(C)tyke_Asiatic Lily 'Crimson Pixie'

See what I mean about planting things in masses? These Asiatic Lilies to the left are just outstanding in color and form when all bunched together. Let this theme flow throughout your garden and you're sure to get loads of compliments!

.......(C)EricInSF-Banana PokeBanna Poke & Asiatic Lily.(C)LilyLover_UT_Asiatic Lily 'Karen North'

When planting your vines pick a trellis that is sturdy and won't detract from the gorgeous colors you have worked so hard to create. White of course is a good choice but even just a natural dark mahogany stain would make the area pop as well. If you're set on adding a vibrant color make sure it flows with the tones you have chosen to use in your garden. Remember, you can mix any colors together, just make sure that they have the same tone. I prefer to mix undertones instead of "overtones". The colors laying beneath the initial color you see seems to flow better than what's on top. It has a better grounded feel to it.

Planting your colors in masses instead of all mixed up helps to harmonize the area and takes better advantage of your color choices. Keep your plants such as Bachelors Buttons and Cosmos trimmed throughout the season. This will help in creating bushy growth and outstanding flowering. If the plants aren't looking too happy, cut them back and add some water. I never fertilize my Cosmos or Bachelors Buttons but you can if you wish. This would be a good time to let hubby go at the area with a weed whacker, something he has probably been longing to do for a while anyway!

Let us not forget our cactus and succulents! These happy campers come in a wide array of colors, many of them sporting attractive pink blossoms. Toss a few here and there and watch your friends surprised faces at your latest choice of pink pokies.

(C)crimsontsavo-Bachelor ButtonBachelorButton & Mother of Thousandspalmbob-Pink Mother of Thousands 'Pink Butterflies'

Until we talk again,


(C)TBGDN-Pink Tiger Lily 'Tiger Rose'Thanks to the PlantFiles and all the wonderful photographers at DG and around the world!