Many plants are delightful. Some are so unique that I smile because of their beautiful, unusual colors or patterns. Others make me laugh because they resemble cute or interesting animals or objects. Enjoy this tour as we smile and laugh over some of the most beautiful, fun and crazy plants in the world.

None of these are made up; these are all real plants and are listed in Dave's Garden PlantFiles. You can find more information about any of these by clicking on the PlantFiles link above and searching by the common or scientific name. This is the second part of this article; see Part I for many other wonderful plants and pictures.

The photo on the right was taken by DG member LawrenceM. This plant appears to be enjoying a great joke; it is Calceolaria 'Walter Shrimpton'.

Impatiens cinnabarina copyright begoniacrazii
Pink Bottle Brush copyright bloomoon
Butterfly Bush copyright Calalily

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3 Photo Credit: Copyright

Impatiens cinnabarina

Pink Bottle Brush 'Reeves Pink'
Callistemon citrinus

Butterfly Bush, Oxford Bush, Cambridge Bush 'Ugandense'
Rotheca myricoides

  1. Do you see what I see? A gingerbread man!
  2. Another bottle brush; more dishes need to be washed. Actually, the bright colors are so pretty I decided to show you both the red (see Part I article) and the pink.
  3. Who let the butterflies out? This swarm of blue butterflies is beautiful.

Corkscrew Vine copyright annaphylaxis
Hummingbird Sage copyright ladyanne
Chinese Lantern Lily, Christmas Bells copyright bootandall

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3 Photo Credit: Copyright

Corkscrew Vine
Vigna caracalla

Hummingbird Sage, Texas Sage, Scarlet Sage 'Brenthurst'
Salvia coccinea

Chinese Lantern Lily, Christmas Bells
Sandersonia aurantiaca

  1. This corkscrew vine looks like snails and trumpets combined together for a Dr. Seuss book. I will try my hand at Dr. Seuss style; "Oh, they trumpeted fine, until each little vine curled cream and yellow and purple".
  2. How can you resist this? I had to look twice to be sure these were not plastic hummers glued onto the plant. Seriously, I must have this plant.
  3. The Chinese lantern lily flowers are adorable; their bright orange blooms are a happy, almost playful color.

Sagi-so, Crane Orchid, Egret Orchid, Peacock Orchid copyright scottie3d

Photo Credit: Copyright

Sagi-so, Crane Orchid, Egret Orchid, Peacock Orchid
Pecteilis radiata

From the notes on Dave's Garden PlantFiles, I learned that this plant is rare and "may be considered a protected species". Do not remove it from its native habitat. Can you believe its graceful beauty?

Congo Cockatoo, Parrot Plant copyright tikaz

Hare's Tail Grass, Bunny Tails by moscheuto

1 Photo Credit: Copyright

2 Photo Credit: Copyright

Congo Cockatoo, Parrot Plant
Impatiens niamniamensis

Hare's Tail Grass, Bunny Tails
Lagurus ovatus

  1. Silent parrots in a tree. How many parrots do you see? The colors and shape of these flowers are just incredible.
  2. This is the secret place where bunnies go to get new tails; the re-tail store. Okay, bad joke but cute plant. This plant would look great planted around a circle of pampas grass.

Star Fruit copyright Thaumaturgist
Star Fruit copyright Thaumaturgist

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2 Photo Credit: Copyright

Star Fruit
Averrhoa carambola

Star Fruit
Averrhoa carambola

1 and 2 above are both Star Fruit. I included this plant because when it is cut, the stars are incredible. Although the fruit does not seem to be very tasty, the shape is wonderful. My mother, a teacher in an at-risk school, bought some of these and took them to class so her elementary students could enjoy the shape.

Three Bird Toadflax by Happenstance
Spiral Aloe by thistlesifter
Cuphea Summer Medley copyright poppysue

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3 Photo Credit: Copyright

Three Bird Toadflax
Linaria triornithophora

Spiral Aloe
Aloe polyphylla

Cuphea 'Summer Medley'

  1. Can you see the birds on this plant? Look at the side of the bloom on the right hand side, in the middle. It is a bird in flight. However, I see more than three birds.
  2. This lovely Aloe is perfect. Does anyone remember the punch cards used to program computers in the early 1970s? Due to the lack of security concerns and the integrity of the general populace, those punch cards were often recycled into wreaths. We made many wreaths for gifts one Christmas; it took a lot of work but cash was short and we had presents. This beautiful pattern reminds me of those wreaths.
  3. Here is another Cuphea. This one was called 'Bunny Ears' on a site where these were being sold. Funny bunny, where is your cereal and chocolate milk?

Redbirds in a Tree, Mimbres Figwort, New Mexico Figwort copyright LilyLover_UT
Ghost, Frog, White Butterfly Orchid, Lindens's Angunck, Palm Polly copyright cousy2

1 Photo Credit: Copyright

2 Photo Credit: Copyright

Mimbres Figwort, New Mexico Figwort, Redbirds in a Tree
Scrophularia macrantha

Ghost Orchid, Frog Orchid, White Butterfly Orchid, Lindens's Angunck, Palm Polly
Polyrrhiza lindenii

  1. Although it may be hard to see the Redbirds in this photo, this was the picture that started this article because a Dave's Garden member mentioned this plant on a thread. My curiosity was piqued and I added another plant to my wish list. These buds look just like baby red birds enjoying a nap on a tree.
  2. I left this plant for last because it is an image that will stay with you. Frankly, I think it is totally (toad-ally) wonderful. From the notes on Dave's Garden PlantFiles, I learned that this plant is rare. It "may be considered a protected species" and should never be removed from its native habitat.

As I mentioned in Part I of this series, I would love to grow all of these plants, although a greenhouse would be needed. Of course, I would not bother the two plants above that are noted as protected. Please look at Part I for a link to articles about inexpensive greenhouses.

Even if I only grow a couple of these unusual plants, my garden would be enriched by their whimsy. In a world full of crazy things, where everyone could get trampled on the floor, every happy moment should be treasured. These plants make me smile and I imagine that some of you shared a smile with me. I hope that these articles provide you with joy today and that they inspire the young and young at heart to garden.

Are you familiar with any other unusual plants or do you have a comment? Please feel free to add a note below.