Figuratively speaking, our gardens and all we put into them are synonymous with love. We willingly dedicate many hours of hard labor into this most glorious of pastimes. As a result we have relished in our successes and bowed our heads to the seemingly insurmountable challenges of becoming a successful gardener. To garden is to love and the plants contained within are a showcase of our kindness, patience, triumph and generosity. Dave's Garden provides an essential outlet to not only gain knowledge for our endeavors but also to share in the multitude of emotions associated with gardening.

During the past year Dave's Garden has been an honorable example of what the kindness and generosity of the human spirit can achieve. Do you remember Aggiegrl's story? She was renting a property in Texas and was growing about 400 named daylily varieties in her garden when she received thirty days' notice to vacate the premises. She shared this horrible news with others in one of our forums, and before we knew it an organized effort to help with the move AND transplant all of these plants was set in motion. The story and the subsequent response are an example of love and kindness and indicative of the people that belong to the Dave's Garden community. April Campbell wrote a wonderful article detailing all the aspects of this heartwarming story and is very much worth a read.

ImageThis is just one story that captured our hearts this year. There are so many more stories to be found in each of the dozens of forums available at Dave's Garden. For me personally, I have enjoyed my own personal journey of friendship, knowledge and a greater understanding of the human side of gardening. In February, one of our forum members made a plea to find a home for a cat that couldn't live in her home. I happened to be looking for a cat and with the encouragement of fellow forum members, Clementine Iris Rose is now a part of our family. Each moment she graces me with her presence, I am reminded of the wonderful people I have come to know and love at Dave's.

It has been written that gardeners are the most generous and gladly give away plants, etc. This statement could not be truer when it comes to the wonderful group of people that make up Dave's Garden. One mention of a desire to have a particular plant is often met with many offers to get it to you in seed, bulb, cutting or potted form. This to me is always very moving. Just recently, I was intrigued by a plant being discussed at our forum and a member sent a message indicating he would get one off in the mail to me. Prior to that I was sent a very special bulb that now takes pride and place in my sanctuary area and while I am enjoying the winter, I do look forward to spring when this bulb will come to life.

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to write for a site like Dave's Garden. It is a privilege and an honor to share my stories, thoughts, ideas and knowledge with my fellow gardeners. I am always moved and humbled by the kind words many of you express.

All of the writers here are an incredible group of gifted individuals and this too sets Dave's apart from the rest. There is a bit of something for everyone. Sharon Brown writes some of the most wonderful stories of gardening and mountain life with her Aunt Bett. One of the most touching is this story of learning to appreciate the beauty and perfection of nature from afar. Lee Ann Stark was one of who helped convince me (though none was needed) to adopt Clementine. One of her articles serves as a reminder for patience and because of what she wrote, I give all the unidentified seedlings emerging from the ground a chance to grow. Finally, this article by Jan sparked our forum's resolve to initiate our potato-growing quest. This project is sure to be a lot of fun! I could write pages and pages describing all the wonderful articles here at Dave's. It would be a lot more fun for you though if you check them out for yourself.

As 2008 comes to an end, I look back on a year that has been made great by the people of Dave's Garden. Gardening is my life and I can not imagine a day without the ability to go outside and commune with nature, bask in the glory of the sunshine or simply stand amazed by the beauty and magic of all the flowers and plants in my garden. The fact that I get to share my experiences and stories with all of you makes it that much better. Here's to a blessed 2009; may it be a year of renewed hope and vitality. No matter what is in store, I know I can count on one thing--the fine people here at Dave's Garden.

Author's Note: When looking for the image for this site, I came across an article written by Dave. I just learned something invaluable regarding saving tomato seeds. Amazing. This site has treasures hidden along every corner.

Images are those of the author's with the exception of the thumbnail image. I did a Wiki media search for images of Dave's Garden and this was the first result. This is an image of the starfish flower submitted by Dave himself.