ImageOur park has always been a beautiful place for our walks, but winter comes with more beauty when it's snowing and everything is white! Image

One year, it snowed with big, fluffy snowflakes all night ...early the next morning, you could barely see the allees, they were under so much snow!


ImageOnly my dog Boss and I, along with a few other friends and their dogs, were in the park that day. Boy, was it hard to walk...or should I say, to crawl!

The poor stray doggies in the park came right over to get the breakfast I always bring for them.

It was so cold, but so beautiful. I almost felt like a child again and enjoyed every minute of our walk. The 'Nigra' cedars and tall pines were standing watch over us, trying to look majestic under a thick blanket of snow.


ImageImageImageImageImage Image

Someone had already made a snowman. Wow, there's a huge hedgehog...oh,no, it's the Yucca whipplei, all covered with snow!


ImageEven the crows were freezing...look at this one, sitting on the branch.

We managed to get to the chestnut allee after passing along the lindens and roses, which looked so sad with the grey skies around. Then it was off to the huge planetree, like always.


Image...and there was the frozen lake, all covered with was all so quiet.

A few days later, the frost covered everything, turning the park into a huge ice palace and it appeared like in one of those paintings we used to do in school... with white toothpaste for the snow !


This time the sun was up and the sky was so clear.

ImageImageImage Image

The snow was sparkling bright and all the trees were glittering with frost. The only thing missing was the Snow Queen, but instead, we had a maid at the frozen fountain!


This highbush cranberry had only two cranberries left, looking like a two red spots embroidered on a white tablecloth. The evergreen bushes looked like snow fringe on each leaf, but the most beautiful "embroidery" was on the Thuja...ah!

ImageImageImageImage Image

White cedars, looking like huge snowmen, were guarding the lake, making everything seem so cold and quiet... but as we approached , a cheerful noise came to our ears, growing louder and louder. There was laughter and yelling from the children skating on the frozen lake and sledding on the slippery slopes! That was an amusing and beautiful sight! The skating rink was like in a fairy tale, surrounded by foggy slopes, icy stairs and guarded by giant snowy trees. The atmosphere was warm, though so cold outside... everyone was having fun, including me. Children and grandparents, teenagers and grownups, dogs and birds...everyone was enjoying the beautiful day.

Only one incident marred the day when a little boy cried after he fell off his sled. When he finally stopped crying and got up, his grandmother rearranged his clothes and wiped away his tears. Then, as children do, he took the sleid and ran back onto the ice, calling to his friends to wait for him. Such sweet innocence!


As we headed home after our walk, the sun was going down. The days are still shorter, but the dark didn't chase away the kids. Instead bright lights surrounded the lake and the fun went on until late into the was still holiday, after all!