ImagePeace - most of us dream, hope and pray for it. It does seem rather elusive these days and as apathy takes over, it can even appear to be a lost cause. Jeremy Gilley, an independent filmmaker from England grew up with all the images of what has gone wrong with the world and through his frustrations, he decided to do something about it. He travelled across the world creating a documentary film highlighting the need for a day dedicated to peace. In his introduction video on YouTube, he has this to say:

A Peace Day has been adopted by every member state of the United Nations; an annual day separate from politics and religion; a day when every human being on Earth can become involved in the peace process. And that's what is important - every human being. Because, if you can find it in yourself to do something for Peace Day - no matter how big or small, then together we can create a day of global unity and that unity will save lives.

The call to action of finding it within me to do something no matter how big or small brought visions of what gardeners can do for the world and for peace. All of us who are a part of Dave's Garden represent a unique nation of kind hearted, giving, loving human beings. I have written about the examples of such love and selflessness and I know of the connection we all have to a bit of earth and what we can transform it into. Have you ever wanted to grow beyond your own walls and transform as much earth as possible into beautiful ornamental gardens or better yet, useful kitchen gardens? I have and this summer I succeeded in helping some African refugees convert a barren peace of ground into a thriving garden yielding a bountiful crop of melons, tomatoes, zucchini, herbs and more. There was so much in fact that the excess helped feed the needy at our local food bank. I did not achieve this on my own. My local Southwest gardening forum assisted by providing seeds and plants to assist with the effort. I wish to thank them all for their kindness and generosity.

From this success, I realize I can do more. I had no idea there was a day set aside for peace. Did you? With this knowledge I now have aspirations of assisting those who may otherwise engage in violent or criminal activities by teaching them to garden. If you read my last article, you will know I am in the process of moving. Once I arrive to my new destination, I will seek out a new church home and get to work on creating a ministry for those people ‘on the edge' to allow them to gain a sense of purpose and community involvement. I hope to find a plot of land and from that land, I want to teach these men and women how to create a garden that will yield a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables. They could then take this produce and perhaps sell it at farmer's markets or share with others in need. Maybe they too will become involved to the extent where they seek out more plots and teach others and so it will go. That is the hope.

ImageThis idea is not new. There are several organizations and ministries doing this very thing. Like most people, I can get lost in my own little world and sometimes ignore the calling to do something more - something beyond myself. By discovering the efforts of Jeremy Gilley from a random browse of YouTube, I feel I have an even greater sense of direction of how I can get more and more people involved in gardening. Further, I hope to give those I meet a greater sense of purpose and connection to their community and maybe even the world. I know that little by little and garden by garden I can help create something more than some plants in the ground. I can create a positive change in the lives of other people and this positivity can be contagious. Imagine the possibilities!

I have an action plan and already I am excited. I will report back on September 21, 2010 highlighting my efforts and accomplishments for what I will do for the day set aside for peace.

I thank you for reading and I will leave you with these wonderfully apt lyrics of ‘Put a Little Love in Your Heart' by Jackie Deshannon:

Think of your fellow man

Lend him a helping hand

Put a little love in your heart

You see it's getting late

Oh please don't hesitate

Put a little love in your heart

And the world will be a better place

And the world will be a better place

For you and me

You just wait and see

Watch Jeremy Gilley on YouTube.

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