What is Earthkind®?

Earthkind is a label given to the most floriferous, disease and pest resistant roses. Planting roses like Earthkind, and other resistant roses, reduces our need for harmful chemicals that pollute our earth; Earthkind roses also thrive in a variety of soils. The Earthkind program was started by Dr. Steven W. George of Texas A&M. It is run by Agrilife extension service of Texas A&M. Earthkind is more than just a list of roses; you can learn more by visiting this website.

Why Earthkind®?

For many gardeners roses are the holy grail. Roses have a reputation of being fussy and prone to disease. While that is true for some cultivars, you can have a lush rose garden without constantly spraying, clipping and worrying. The trick to planning a successful rose garden is research. In fall and early spring, the catalogs come out by the dozen, and most of them have a single photo of a single bloom. Its hard to plan your garden around a bloom. When you cross-referance a cultivar with PlantFiles, Helpmefind.com, and the source you want to buy from, you will have a better idea of how that cultivar grows. ''Why Earthkind?", you may ask. The first and foremost reason is: they have done the research for you. The Agrilife extension service has not only conducted research, but they have done field tests. Through the trials, they have come up with a group of roses that will thrive almost anywhere with little care. They continue the work and add new roses that pass their tests, so don't be disheartened if the list seems short. I'm not, by any means, suggesting that you only grow Earthkind roses. But its a great placed to start if you have been jaded by fussy, less-hardy roses. From here you can branch out to other roses that will also do well in your area.

The Earthkind® Roses

Full size picture of China Rose, Butterfly Rose 'Mutabilis' (<i>Rosa</i>)

Marie Daly is a polyantha that was introduced in 1888.

It is a repeat-blooming compact bush

cold-hardy to zone 5.

Mutabilis is a china rose with single blooms.

It is hardy to zone 7.


The Fairy, a polyantha introduced in 1932, is a

compact shrub

that is cold hardy to zone 4.

Caldwell Pink is a found

rose. It is a compact, rounded

polyantha cold hardy

to zone 6.

Full size picture of Old Garden Rose 'Perle d' Or' (<i>Rosa</i>)

Knockout is the well-known landscape rose.

It was introduced 2000. Knockout is cold

hardy to zone 4 and blooms from

spring to fall .

Perle d'Or is an apricot polyantha introduced

in 1884. The flowers of Perle d' Or

are very fragrant and double; it

blooms in clusters. This vigorous and

dense rose is hardy in zones 6 to 9.

https://pics.davesgarden.com/pics/hannahrd_1254498718_744.jpghttps://pics.davesgarden.com/pics/sweezel_1116357357_281.jpghttps://pics.davesgarden.com/pics/sweezel_1116351560_610.jpg https://pics.davesgarden.com/pics/vossner_1241996348_408.jpg

Belinda's Dream was introduced in 1992.

It has very large, full flowers. This upright

shrub is cold hardy to zone 5 .

Else Poulsen is a single flowered floribunda

introduced in 1924. It is free-flowering and

blooms in clusters.

https://pics.davesgarden.com/pics/Gindee77_1116133959_857.jpghttps://pics.davesgarden.com/pics/TABatPSU_1226340274_356.jpg Image

Carefree Beauty was introduced in 1977. Its

growth is vigorous and upright.

It is hardy from zone 4 to 9.

Duchess de Brabant was introduced in 1857.

The flowers of this rose are full and cupped.

Like most tea roses it is hardy from zone 7 to 9.

https://pics.davesgarden.com/pics/gvmac_1085378352_185.jpg https://pics.davesgarden.com/pics/sweezel_1176485277_592.jpghttps://pics.davesgarden.com/pics/melvatoo_1257763546_96.jpg

Ducher was introduced in 1869. This white

China rose is vigorous and compact.

Ducher is hardy from zone 7 to 9.

Georgetown Tea is a tall upright and bushy

shrub. As its name suggests it is a

tea rose, and it is hardy from zone 7 to 9

Full size picture of Shrub Rose 'Sea Foam' (<i>Rosa</i>)Full size picture of Shrub Rose 'Sea Foam' (<i>Rosa</i>) ImageFull size picture of China Rose, Found Rose 'Spice' (<i>Rosa</i>)

Sea Foam is a creamy white shrub

that was introduced in 1964. It is a vigorous,

spreading shrub that blooms from

spring to fall . It is hardy from zone 4 to 9.

Spice is classified as a china rose.

It blooms in clusters from spring to

frost. Spice is an upright bush that is

cold hardy from zone 7 to 9.

Full size picture of Bourbon Rose 'Souvenir de St Anne's' (<i>Rosa</i>)Full size picture of Bourbon Rose 'Souvenir de St Anne's' (<i>Rosa</i>) ImageImage

Souvenir de St. Anne's is a bourbon

rose introduced in 1850. It is cold

hardy from zone 5 to 9. Its growth habit

is tall and upright.

New Dawn holds the first plant patent. It was

introduced in 1930. It is very vigorous

and upright. New Dawn is considered a large-

flowered climber that blooms through

spring, rests in summer then blooms again

in the fall.

ImageFull size picture of Climbing Polyantha Rose, Old Garden Rose 'Pinkie' (<i>Rosa</i>)Full size picture of Climbing Polyantha Rose, Old Garden Rose 'Pinkie' (<i>Rosa</i>)

Madame Antoine Mari is a round

bushy tea from 1901. It is a

repeat bloomer and it is hardy

from zone 6 to 9.

Climbing Pinkie is a climbing polyantha

introduced in 1952. It reaches 8 to 12 feet in

height and is hardy from zone 6 to 9.

Full size picture of Polyantha Rose 'La Marne' (<i>Rosa</i>)Full size picture of Polyantha Rose 'La Marne' (<i>Rosa</i>)Full size picture of Polyantha Rose 'Cecile Brunner' (<i>Rosa</i>) Full size picture of Polyantha Rose 'Cecile Brunner' (<i>Rosa</i>)

La Marne, a polyantha, was introduced in

1915. It is cold hardy from zone 6 to 9.

The form of the bloom is cupped.

Cecile Brunner is a polyantha that was

introduced in 1881. It is hardy

from zone 5 to 10 and it is a repeat bloomer.

Starting a rose garden can be overwhelming. There are around 50,000 cultivars, many of them are commercially available today. With that many to choose from you can get caught up searching for the perfect rose. Most vendors have some information on the habit of the rose but you really never know until its growing in your garden. With the Earthkind stamp of approval you can rest easy knowing that they will thrive for you.
Other roses worth trying:

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  1. Thumbnail : New Dawn from my garden
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  3. Mutabilis photos courtesy of TomH3787
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  5. Caldwell pink photo courtesy of sweezel
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  7. Perle d' Or photo 1 courtesy of Calif_Sue, photo 2 sweezel
  8. Belinda's Dream photo 1 courtesy of hannahrd photo 2 sweezel
  9. Else Poulsen photo 1 courtesy of sweezel and photo 2 vossner
  10. Carefree Beauty photo 1 courtesy of Ginni Davis, photo 2 TABatPSU
  11. Duchess de Brabant photo 1 courtesy of seedpicker_TX , photo 2 courtesy of bootandall
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  14. SeaFoam photos courtesy of Calif_Sue
  15. Spice photos courtesy of sweezel
  16. Souvenir de St. Anne photo 1 courtesy of Calif_Sue and photo 2 bootandall
  17. New dawn photo 1 courtesy ofseedpicker_TX and photo 2 myself
  18. Mme. Antoine Mari photo courtesy of marcir from helpmefind.com
  19. Climbing Pinkie photos courtesy of kell
  20. La Marne photos courtesy of kell
  21. Cecile Brunner photo1 courtesy of Calif_Sue and photo 2 Heidi Soroken