fuchia basketAs you may have noticed, several plant forums within Dave's Garden have their own unique banner photo, including the daylily, dahlia, brugmansia, hosta, iris, coleus and rose forums. Some of our regional forums have their own banners, and we change our main banners each season.

If one of these banners or a seasonal banner is your personal favorite, you can manage your personal preferences to have your favorite banner appear on every page of Dave's Garden you visit when you are logged in, no matter what the season, or where you are on the site. Once you are in the Preferences area, you'll see "DG Picture" in the column at the side of the page. You can select the image you want and update your profile.

A few days ago, one of our longtime members wrote to us and asked if the Fuchsia forum could have a banner of its own. Fuchsias are beautiful flowers and a photo of them will make a stunning addition to this subscribers-only forum.

We were delighted to reply to him with the green-light to proceed with his idea. We're excited to help any forum have its own personal touch with a banner photo, and since we haven't had an opportunity to work through this process in a while, we thought we would share our progress with our readers. It is an interesting process and members have a great deal of fun selecting the images that appear on our various pages.

How does a forum get its own banner?Image

  1. The first step is to let us know what you'd like to do, so we can assist you.
  2. The second step is to round up some photos to choose from. In this case, the Fuchsia forum regulars have a prominent thread "stickied" at the top to invite them to participate in this phase of the process. So far, several photos have been submitted for consideration.
  3. The next step will be to pick the top few photos and we'll use our weekly voting booth poll to let everyone have a chance to vote for their top pick. Watch for the poll to appear soon!
  4. Once the poll has concluded, we'll take the winning photo and create the banner for the forum, and it will also appear in the list of banners you can choose from to personalize your view of Dave's Garden for yourself.

If your favorite forum could use a new banner, these are the steps to follow. We're open to suggestions for a forum dedicated to a particular plant type, any of our regional or international forums, or any other forum that could benefit from a unique banner across the top.

Our thanks to Calif_Sue for the thumbnail, kniphofia for cultivar 'Eva Borg' on the left, and butterflybyrob for 'Deep Purple' on the right. These and other fuchsia images can be found in the Fuchsia section of PlantFiles.