This community garden is located in Wayne, Michigan about 15 miles west of Detroit. It is part of a Korean Senior Citizen apartment complex. In my many visits to this garden I don’t think I’ve seen anyone younger than 70 years old in this garden, yet these are some of the most immaculate that I have ever seen, not a weed in site. I estimate the garden is about 2 acres in size are divided in plots that are about 20X10 feet in size. Each resident has his or her own plot/

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Not a weed in Site

These gardeners are very ingenious; they are able to garden about 10 months of the year by using homemade hoop houses and cold frames. Every inch of space is utilized...

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Every inch of space is utilized

They have dammed up a ditch that carried rain water from the parking lot and created a rice paddy which is very productive. Many of their crops are greens of one type or another along with a variety of hot peppers. One thing that I found very interesting, I didn’t see on tomato plant in these gardens.

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Rice and other bog plants Fallow ground is covered until the next planting

The path ways are covered with discarded carpeting in order to deter weeds; areas that are not planted are cover with plastic until the next crop is planted.
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Old carpeting covers the walkways Melons anyone?

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Pass the pepper please

Every time the weeds start to get away from me in my garden I tend to think how how these Korean folks tend to their gardens and just pull a little faster.

Photos by author.