ImageI've been pondering what would be most important to me in the coming year and decided most of you were doing the same. What would we change? What would stay the same? Would we plant something new or resolve to take better care of what we had? Perhaps there is a half-finished project deserving completion, or a new habit we want to get into. Chances are, there are some old habits that need breaking as well. Here is what everyone had to say:

Melody: My resolutions are to weed more, take care of my container gardens better and to enjoy my friends and family as much as possible...oh, yeah...the obligatory "Exercise more and Lose 20lbs"...

It seems that I start the season with a gung-ho attitude and over-estimate my capabilities. Starting literally hundreds of seeds and planning on my entryway looking like an arboretum. Sadly, by August, I'm just struggling to keep everything alive. I resolve to have fewer plants and to take care of those better.

Quilter5bdsr: My number one resolution for the New Year is to enjoy myself. I've spent so much time lately trying to make others happy that I never took any time for me for renewal, reading, crafts, etc. This year I will be a tad selfish. I figure a happy me will make it easier for me to make others happy too!!!

Pirl: For New Year's Day I intend to have a wonderful celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary. It will be 1/1/11.

For all the other days of the year, my resolution will be to enjoy my husband and family more, as well as the gardens. More mulch, less physical work.

WormsLovSharon: My resolution is No more new flower beds after I finish the two I am working on". LOL.

ImageSundownr: Year before last I resolved to quit smoking, and I DID (after 40+ yrs)!
Last year I vowed to grow, prepare, and eat healthier foods for my family and me, and I DID!
This year I resolve to lose weight and get into better shape, and I WILL!
(And yes, I gained the weight from not smoking and eating so much healthy food . . . evidently I can only do one thing at a time!)

I wish everyone success in their New Year's resolutions!!
Bev Walker

Bookerc1: My resolution is to go to bed earlier, so I can get up in the morning! LOL I am such a night owl, and it is early for me if I am in bed by midnight. It is really taking its toll on me, though, and I've GOT to start re-training my body to sleep at normal times!

ImageMaypopLaurel: I would like to grow more food for our family and others who need it, cook more food for people who need it, pick up and deliver to more shelters and pantries for people who need it, educate more people about diet and nutrition and continue to hone down our household, high cost, food consumption and waste. I want to feel okay about returning to some of the creative pursuits I love. Concerns about being productive and income earning, in this current economy, interfere with creative recreational aspirations for me.
I hope to make more time for family and friends in the coming year and not be socially complacent.

Pepper23: I want to grow more veggies and hopefully start a new flowerbed. I want to do more flower arrangements in the floral shop and only grow healthy plants in the greenhouse at work.

Riverland: My resolution is to get every bed cleaned and mulched before spring so I can enjoy looking at my flowers. The second is to rid my house of clutter. I'm not going to make any promises to eat healthy or lose weight ‘cause something always get in the way. (maybe myself, huh) LOL

JuneyBug: My resolution is to regain health and strength.

ImageGardenSox: I have two: to go all year without eating anything in my car and to give something away each day.

podster: Two here... One has been in place and is working well. I resolve not to whine about things I can not change. Trying to turn over a new leaf on that and I find not dwelling on things makes it far easier to deal with them. This fall I quit complaining about short days and cold weather ( both of which I detest ) and was rewarded with 83° on the first day of winter. I know that came from the powers that be!

The other will not be so easy. I resolve to narrow my plant and planting collection. For a number of reasons but primarily to narrow it to the ones I absolutely love and for vegetables, only those we will both eat. I had started by sharing a number of succulents last fall. Will try for more when weather becomes milder so I can ship them without worry.

Happy New Year ~ everyone! Best wishes for the New Year ahead...

TaliaRose: My resolution is to grow more edible plants at home and to only buy and eat locally grown fruits, veggies and herbs (not too hard in Southern California - but it does take some effort!)

(-: Happy New Year all - it's fun to read everyone's resolution!

Debi_k: I resolve to get a spare room organized for an office and to keep it organized! It's been on my list for a while.

Locakelly: I'm not sure losing weight is my goal, more like getting in shape. I also want to be more organized and finish projects I start before beginning another one.


Terry: I'm approaching my resolutions a little differently this year. Instead of creating a list of things to do (or stop doing or do better) all at once, I'm focusing myself each month on developing a new habit (or breaking an old one, or improving in an area :-) Organizing, reducing waste, creating healthier habits are all areas that will get at least one month of attention this year, along with a few others.

Gardening-wise, I'm not sure where I'll be when gardening season begins in earnest here, so I'm not committing too much to specific projects or activities this year. But I do plan/hope to patronize our farmers markets more frequently this summer :-)

CountryGardens: I will get my pond done this summer!
Never enough time to work on it last summer.
I intend to hire a gardener this year, a real one that knows something, LOL!
Retire & find out how busy you are. I work longer hours now than before.
Also, I resolve to meet Horseshoe this year.

Sallyg: I resolve to work on soil building with organics and trace minerals. I'm getting enough plants at low cost thru my DG friends!

It seems that many of us want to eat healthier, waste less and be environmentally responsible. We want to spend more time with friends and family. Many folks appreciate the gift of time and resolve to make better use of it in the coming year. A fresh slate awaits us, just like the potential in a seed.

A special thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts and plans for this article and Happy 2011 to everyone who gardens with us here at DG!