ImageBird watching and bird feeding are growing in popularity every day and gardeners find these activities a natural extension of their other outdoor enjoyments. We garden for birds and wildlife, choosing plants that will provide food and shelter. Many of us take note of the species that visit our feeders and share information with our friends. Even though Dave's Garden is primarily focused on plants, we have several features for those who love their feathered friends too.

BirdFiles was launched by popular demand for a database that catalogs the birds our members see in their gardens and as they travel. Just like PlantFiles there are images, comments and location reports. Members from around the world contribute information and the result is a database with a global flair.

If you would like to contribute to BirdFiles, but aren't sure what kinds of birds visit your feeder, members can take advantage of our free access Bird Identification Forum. Experienced and helpful members from around the world will be more than happy to help you identify feathered visitors. It isn't unusual to see identification requests from several continents each day, and the responses are just as diverse.

For those who love to share tips and stories, we have the popular Bird Watching Forum. It is free access for all registered members and participants discuss various feeders, photography tips and habitat. The friendly folks gather from all corners of the globe to share information about their feathered friends. They celebrate the spotting of each ‘lifer' and have active threads for posting reports of daily bird sightings. Members follow webcam reports and photo stories of birds from egg to fledgling and beyond.

ImageFor those seeking advice on attracting birds, members suggest garden construction and plant species favorable to the type of bird desired. Feeding stations are described and tips concerning the best placement are shared.

Members searching for field guides look to our Garden Bookworm. This database has a category dedicated to Birds and Butterflies. We encourage you to add your favorite references or check out the titles added by your fellow members.

We hope you take advantage of the birding resources here at Dave's Garden. There is a diverse cross section of members who love the activity. It is one of the most popular hobbies worldwide and we have every hemisphere represented as a testament to the fact. No matter where you are located, you'll be welcome.