Cismigiu Garden in BucharestThis is the song which comes to my mind every spring, when everything comes back to life. I learned it many years ago as a child, and have loved it ever since. It is a traditional Romanian folklore song which the Romanian children learn in kindergarten and primary school and it is called "The Gardens Are Blooming." I've always thought of it as an ode to spring. With only a few lines it shows the glorious beauty of this season and the people's joy and enthusiasm for surviving the hard winter. Click on the video and you will hear the Romanian version.

Cismigiu Garden in Bucharest

Peach tree bloomingDon't you just love your town in the spring? I do, I love spring, with its blooms and the smell of moist soil floating in the air, with the clear sky and the warm sun coming down on my shivering shoulders, getting inside my soul and warming up my heart. My heart fills with such a joy that I could almost start running and playing like a kid in the park! I feel like I could fly with the birds and bees and butterflies, up in the blue sky.

I remember one spring, when my son was five years old, and we were walking in the park; he suddenly stopped, looked up at the clear, blue sky, and told me that he would have loved to take a part of it and make me a blouse, if only he could!

Cherry tree blooming Bee on a pear blossom Apple blooms

Yes, spring gets us all so enthusiastic and romantic! Just seeing the small, delicate snowdrops - these harbingers of spring - popping up through the dead leaves and yet unmelted snow, fills my heart with hope and joy.

Snowdrops Snowdrops in the park popping up through snow Snowdrops, alpine squills and winter aconites

All the spring plants are popping up every day, showing such great colors and beauty. In our parks in Bucharest the snowdrops are planted in the lawn, together with the yellow winter aconites, purple alpine squills, orange or purple crocuses, hellebores, white and purple violets , with their divine odor which embraces everyone passing by. What can be more beautiful than that? Hyacinths are next, then bergenia and primulas, the daffodils, spreading their powerful scent on the breeze.

White violets Purple Violets Alpine squill

Crocus Purple Crocus Crocus popping up through leaves

Primulas Hyacinths in the park Daffodils and forget me not

Bushes and trees are starting to bloom and the bees are getting busy . This is really when spring takes over, spreading its beautiful colors all over the country!

Trees blooming in the park Forsythia blooming in the park Prunus cerasifera blooming

Magnolia star Magnolia tree Magnolia trees in the park

Forsythia, the Japanese quince, magnolia, Kanzan cherry, then all the fruit trees blooming, what a show! Everywhere I would go, I can see peaches, cherry, plum, apricot or apple tree blossoms. It seems like the Garden of Eden, where rivers of milk and honey are flowing!

Kanzan cherry blossoms Japanese quince blossom Forsythia blossoms

Prunus cerasifera blossom Magnolia tulip Prunus cerasifera white

Above all that beauty, here come the tulips, in all colors, like fireworks, shooting colors up towards the clear blue sky.

Tulips in the park Tulips in the park Tulips, pansies

Another Romanian traditional song for children shows so well the beauty of Spring coming in the countryside.

Here comes Spring

Here comes Spring, laying all over the country,

Children, lets pick up the flowers from the fields!

Green grass is growing, the lark flies herself away in the clouds,

Children, lets listen to her song coming from the plains!

Cuckoo shouts out loud, the quail jumps in the marsh,

Children, lets see the lambs running on the plains!

Click on the video and you can hear it sung in Romanian.

Peach blossoms in my village

Spring is even more beautiful in the countryside than in the city, with more trees and flowers blooming in the gardens or on the hills. I cannot get enough of all the beautiful blooms!

Prunus cerasifera blossoms in my village Daffodills in the garden Yellow daffodils in the garden

Cherry blossom Apple flower Daffodil

Me and my husband cleaning the dried grassSince it is spring, people are cleaning their yard and gardens of dead branches, leaves and grass. Once they make a pile, they light it on fire to prepare their yards and gardens for the coming season.

Springtime in the country is when sheep and their newborn lambs are brought to the field by my house, to graze on the grass, and I am so lucky to get to see them almost every day.

Sheep on the field Lambs Sheep and lambs

I hope I brought some joy and hope to you all for this Spring, in such trying times we're living. Nature coming back to life is amazing in Spring. So let's sing together an ode to this beautiful season!

Dandelions Trees blooming in the park Forsythia bush