Everyone who's in love with nature like I am, knows that you can't just walk away when you see a dandelion! They are like tiny suns growing in the pastures and lawns or in sand or any waste ground they can find, such as a crack in the pavement. Dandelions are booming all over in the spring. They attract bees and offer such a delight to our eyes!

Bee on a dandelionDandelions growing on a pasture

Dandelions on a field

Dandelion seedsLike many people, for years, I considered the dandelion a weed and maybe we should still call it that. After all, a dandelion has so many seeds that travel with the wind and are spread in so many places that it can take over a lawn or a garden before you know it. However, you shouldn't be afraid of dandelions! They are edible and they also have healing properties, which is why they are considered medicinal herbs.

I can't remember my first encounter with dandelions, but I remember I liked them as a child and enjoyed very much making Dandelions in a lawn in the parkmyself crowns,Dandelionsbracelets or rings out of them. Later, as a teenager, dandelions came to my life to help me with a weight-loss diet. I was horrified at the taste of the dandelion tea , it was so bitter! I didn't lose any weight because I got the diet wrong. I was supposed to eat diet crackers and drink a couple cups of dandelion tea cups each day. Only by drinking that awfully bitter dandelion tea, but eating regular food, I couldn't have succeeded. Yet, I didn't know how many crackers I should eat, so I ate as many as I wanted, every time I felt hungry. I guess the diet was based on dandelion's property as a diuretic which can eliminate the toxins out of the body, but it couldn't have eliminated all the crackers I ate. So I gave up the diet after two very long weeks!

Boss in the park

I started to make dandelion crowns again when my kids were old enough to walk and pick up flowers. We had so much fun picking up dandelions and stringing them together, which I transformed into crowns. What a lovely memory! The kids grew up and I kept going to the park with our dog, Boss. He loved to play in the grass at the park, where many dandelions were blooming. One year I sowed dandelion seeds in the lawn we had in front of our building. I wanted them to bloom on our lawn too, the following year. It was during those years when I've found out about my allergy to fluff, which included the fluff from the dandelion seeds. Still, I couldn't stay away from them, they are too pretty! And I am taking allergy pills anyway, so why not enjoy their beauty? In my garden I always have lots of dandelions in spring. I like to let them bloom until they get older and start making seeds, then I just pull them out.

I've never forgotten how to make a dandelion crown, which is very easy, if you know how to braid. Just take three dandelions with long stems and start braiding. Cross the left outer stem over the middle one, then cross the right outer stem over the middle one and so on. Add in another dandelion to each of the stems when crossing them, so the flower comes next to the previous one on the crown and you have two stems instead of one to braid.

Starting to braid a crown with 3 dandelions Adding another dandelion to the thread Interweaving 2 dandelion stalks instead of one

Continue crossing the stems and you'll have 3 and even 4 stalks in one in your braid, but when the first are getting short, the others will be long enough for crossing. Make the crown(or bracelet) as large as you want, then tie the stalks to the other end, right after the first 3 flowers which started the crown.

Brading with 2 stalks in one Stalks getting short while one is longer Tying the stalks right after the first 3 flowers

You can hide the remaining stems between the flowers in the crown, so they can't be seen.

Making a knot The knot Interweaving the remaining stalks

I made myself a bracelet of dandelions to show you and it made my day, such fun to do it! You should try too!

Hiding the stalks inside the thread The bracelet of dandelions Bracelet of dandelions on my hand

Dandelion bracelet on my grandson's wrist

Nicholas enjoying a dandelion

My grandson with  a dandelion crown

This year I had the opportunity to make a dandelion crown again, this time for my grandson. I hope he won't mind seeing this picture when he gets older ! He was too cute with the crown on his head and one dandelion around his wrist, as a bracelet. He also liked to hold a dandelion in his hand, while sucking up the stalk. It was fun to let him do it without fear, because all the plant is edible and can be used to heal different illnesses.

When he gets older, I'll tell him this story about how dandelions have been a part of my life and I'm sure he will love it. After all, they are part of his life too!