Planning the flower show started last year with the creation of the schedule. The schedule establishes the rules for the show, identifies which exhibits will be accepted, which awards will be offered, and sets the parameters for the floral designs and horticulture exhibits that will be entered.

The title of this year's show was "Reaching Out." Different sections and classes were named for the club's outreach programs. The show had 34 designs and 115 horticulture entries. Featured in this article are the some of the blue ribbon winners and the top exhibitor award winners.

Division I - Horticulture
The Award of Horticultural Excellence was won by Aglanoema 'Valentine'.
Division II - Design
Section I -- All plant material must be fresh.
Class 1: "Creative Arrangers" A Functional Table for two staged on a 36-inch card table. Designer's choice of style.
The designer used pink sweetheart roses to pick up the colors in her china.Image
Class 2: "Creative Gardeners" A pot-et-fleur. (winner of the Tricolor Award)
This design includes two plants in containers (Schefflera and ivy) as well
as cut lilies and Aspidistra.
Class 3: "Green, White, and Red Contest" - a design featuring the colors green and red. Designer's choice of type and style.
A design done by the author's husband. Amiable Spouse. Good, eh?
Features red carnations enhanced by camellia foliage and Sansevieria
Container constructed by the designer.
Section B: "Encouraging Our Youth" --Designs may use fresh and/or dried plant material
Class 4: "Scholarships" -- Designer's choice of type and style
Components: cut saw palmetto (line)
Pittosporum (transition)
Container constructed by Amiable Spouse.
Design by author's sister.
Class 5: "Wekiva Youth Camp" A Reflective Design
Palm spathes, seed pods, cat tails, contrived flowers made from
philodendron leaf spathes
Class 6 -- "SEEK" A stretch design -- Winner of the Designer's Choice Award and the
Award of Design Excellence
Features sunflowers and line of sansevieria strengthened by decorative wood
Section C - "Judges' Challenge" -- Designer's choice of design style and type. Limited to flower show judges.
Class 7 "Possibilities"
Class 8 - "Prospects"
Class 9 "Opportunities"