Plans started hatching in the Mid South Forum on December 29. The annual road trip to west TN is an event that subscribers eagerly await and look forward to attending. Immediately, we started making our wish lists and saving our money. The date was set for April 30 and travel plans scheduled. Members from several states planned to meet in Memphis on Friday and caravan to Jackson on Saturday, making stops at favorite nurseries and garden centers along the way. On Friday, the gang visited Dabney's, Gardensoyvey and Homestead. All of the garden centers we visited are listed in our Go Gardening Directory. Even if you don't live nearby, you can use Go Gardening to plan a similar road trip in your area. For gardeners who love to travel, check out the listings of botanical gardens and arboretums. The Go Gardening Directory gives the garden traveler destinations to visit world-wide.

I planned to meet everyone on Saturday at Randolph's greenhouses, but road construction reduced my progress to a crawl and so I ended up catching most of the gang at Dutch Gardens. Some of the group had a full day of plant shopping under their belts from the day before, and headed home after Randolph's. The majority ended up making the full loop and their vehicles showed it. It was overwhelming how many plants could be crammed into a Toyota Corolla!

We put a dent in the inventory at Dutch Gardens and decided to visit nearby Morris Nursery before heading to our traditional lunch at Casey Jones Museum. The buffet was great and we all enjoyed catching up over lunch, as dedicated plantaholics do not linger when plant shopping.

After lunch, I took some pictures of all of our loot and everyone headed for home. It is safe to speculate that we could have stocked a respectable nursery business with all of the plants we carried away. I even ended up making a stop at Greenway, just outside of Milan, TN and picking up a few more items.

ducks in car

My day started with a stop at my mother-in-law's place to pick up a couple of concrete ducks.

I seat-belted them in and headed south to Tennessee. A very happy DG member was delighted for me to give them a ride.

dutch 1

Here is one of the beautiful greenhouse/conservatory structures at Dutch Gardens.

dutch gardens 2

This was a plant-lover's equivilent of a candy store. So many beautiful and well-cared for varieties to choose from!

dutch 3

Shopping was a pleasure in this lovely garden center!

ka car 1

How many plants will go in a Toyota Corolla?? Kathy Ann is the Queen of Car Packing. This was how her car looked when we reached Dutch Gardens and we made another stop before lunch!!

ka car 2

Another view of her car. Absolutely amazing!

morris 1

We stopped at Morris Nursery before lunch and picked up some more plants.The unique 'garden hose wreath' in my title image was displayed on the front door of this quaint little nursery.

koi pond

Here is their lovely koi pond with the Japanese Iris and Japanese maple.

morris backyard

The back porch area of Morris Nursery.I picked up a baptisia and a coreopsis named 'Jethro Tull.'

car 1

Our vehicles were crammed full. Determined gardeners can haul an amazing amount of plant material.

car 2

The one lone pickup truck fared better. There were a huge amount of plants and trees loaded in it, plus the concrete ducks that started the journey with me.

terry's car

Here is proof positive that the Admin Team actually gardens! This is the back of Terry's SUV.


I bought a couple of the tuberous begonia, 'Million Kisses Devotion'. They will look great in my containers along with my caladiums, 'Candidum'.

jethro tull

Here is the coreopsis, 'Jethro Tull'. Note how the petals form little tubes like a flute! I just had to have some of those.

my loot

I didn't take a picture of my car loaded with plants, but here is my haul unloaded on my driveway pad.

The annual Road Trip is a tradition that the folks in the Mid-South Forum look forward to each year. We enjoy planning for it through the dreary days during the last gasp of winter. Everyone has become good friends and each year, love to welcome new faces to the group. Join us next spring when the group meets in west Tennessee for a fun couple of days greenhouse hopping. Start saving your pennies! gardener group