Rose Nichols

The Garden Girl

By: Mary R. Dunn


This is the story of Rose Standish Nichols. (1872-1960) She broke new ground in the field of landscape architecture, becoming one of the first the first landscape designers in the United States and no doubt, the first woman. She published three books and wrote many magazine articles about gardens and gardening.

In a time when women were expected to stay home and raise families, Rose was a pioneer. She studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Bussey Institute, Harvard and Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Rose was a peace activist and a champion for women's rights and believed, that world peace was possible by sharing gardens and gardening.

This delightful little book with the lovely watercolor images is written in a way that would appeal to early readers. The challenges in Rose's life were difficult, but she managed to be successful, even though it was hard. She's a figure that most children would never study in school, but for any child who loves gardening, it would make a lovely little gift.

ImageReaders follow Rose as she grows up in affluent Boston and the watercolor illustrations show how she planted flower gardens at an early age to blend in a pleasing way. She would be happy to know that her life continues to inspire generations of ‘garden girls' around the globe.

Her Beacon Hill home is now a museum with programs as diverse as etiquette lessons for children, to a holiday open house in December. Visitors receive an accurate glimpse into life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries on Beacon Hill in Boston. Rose Standish Nichols was an extraordinary woman and her belief that understanding and peace could be realized through gardens around the world, is something that we, as gardeners all understand.

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