ImageGardeners are constantly aware of bugs. We see bees pollinate our vegetables, butterflies visiting our flowers and aphids that seem to sprout overnight. Most of us carry our cameras to the garden and collect images of the insects we see. We find insects fascinating and they are quite photogenic. From the beautiful to the bizarre, we snap countless images.

BugFiles is our ‘sister database' to PlantFiles and BirdFiles. Gardeners from around the world share their images, location reports and comments. It is constantly expanding as we share information and experiences. Any member can contribute and it is constantly growing and evolving.

The Fun Random Bug that appears on our DG Homepage is an automatic slideshow program spotlighting images from BugFiles. Members enjoy a new image several times a day. Clicking on the image takes you to the BugFiles page for that insect. You can add your own report, comment and image, or simply enjoy the information other's have already provided.

A substantial number of people discover Dave's Garden while searching for an insect identification. Their first post in the community is often a plea for help and mysterious spider is generally the culprit. ImageWhile the bites of very few spiders cause health problems, they still cause many a parent or grandparent to worry. ImageKnowledgeable members visit our free access Insect and Spider Identification forum every day to help pin names on the unknown. Anyone can post an image or description and in most cases, have a solid identification in no more a day or two.

The Garden Bookworm is our searchable directory of garden-related titles. Members share information about the books they find helpful, or not so helpful. Many insect field guide entries attest to the fact that gardeners like bug books. Most members will be able to locate a book detailing the insects that live in their region from this list.

Yes, gardeners and bugs go together and we hope that the resources here at Dave's Garden provides helpful information, good advice, or just a fun way to show off your insect photographs. If you're experienced in identification, stopover in that forum to help solve a few mysteries. Insects from all corners of the earth show up there each day. If you have some nice images, we welcome them in BugFiles. All photographers retain their own copyrights. In addition, if you're looking for a good field guide, the Garden Bookworm will help with that. We hope this Spotlight article helps you make better use of the resources we offer here at Dave's Garden.