water featuresEach year, Dave's Garden members anticipate the annual Photography Contest and this time, it was no different. Our 11th installment of this long-running feature drew thousands of entries from around the world. The membership voted on their favorites and the winners are featured in our 2012 Dave's Garden calendar. Each member receives a year's subscription to DG and a copy of the calendar. The entry with the most votes overall, is featured on the cover. This year, that honor goes to member 'YAMATO', Susumu Kishihara.

This image was the winner in the Water Features & Water Gardens category and the image with highest vote total. Check out the full-size image and the runners-up in this category by clicking the category title. View the other winners and runners-up by clicking on the category title under each image.

All of the winning images are included in our 2012 Dave's Garden Calendar and you can purchase your own copy at this link from Zazzle. We want to thank each and every member who entered and we hope that all of you enjoy seeing the range of talent we have here at DG. We have some fantastic photographers and everyone deserves a huge round of applause!


Annual and Perennial Flowers

'gardenpom' wins with "Bee coming in to land on a Coral Vine Plant"


Scenic Landscapes and Seasons

'MrShayne' wins with " A canopy of fall colors in north Georgia"



'jrpjrp' wins with "Doorway with red roses in Moreton in Marsh in Cotswolds"



'RXM1138' wins with "Brugmansia I keep in my greenhouse for overwintering"


Wildlife (other than birds)

'smallwonders' wins with "Common gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor)

domestic pets

Domestic Pets and Animals

'haighr' wins with "Potted Pets"



'Burd_Fotos' wins with 'Bald Eagle"


Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes and Tubers

'htop' wins with "Birds of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)"


Container Gardening

'Elfishone' wins with "Vintage Chair"


Sunsets, Sunrises and Moonscapes

'sunnyg' wins with "An incredible birthday sunset"


Cacti and Succulents

'boogs' wins with "Opuntia 'Oranges & Lemons"


Fruits and Vegetables

'grannydalgas' wins with "Softneck Garlic and Cayenne Peppers"


Weird, Funny and Miscellaneous

'YAMATO' wins with "My piglet"


Foliage, Seeds, Mosses and Fungi

'ginger749' wins "I am using this picture to create a 10ft tall sculpture for My Front Garden"


Insects (other than butterflies and moths)

'DebinSC' wins with "Tiny leafhopper parked on a coneflower bud"


Butterflies, Caterpillars and Moths

'smallwonders' wins with"Eastern Tailed Blue butterflies (Cupido comyntas)"

private gardens

Personal or Private Landscaping or Gardens

'OleDi' wins wirth "October in our Garden"

garden art

Garden Art and Outdoor Structures

'palmbob' wins with "Succulent Hostess in a Nearby Garden"

The talent represented here is just a small reason why we are such a rich and diverse community. We hope that you'll check out the runners-up via the links under each image. They are all outstanding and deserving of recognition as well.

Start making note of your best images and join us next October and November for our 12th annual Photo Contest!