ImageTonileland: My favorite article was "Japanese Gardens: A Closer Look at Eighth Century Gardening"
The first reason for choosing this subject was that I have always wanted a Japanese garden in my landscape. The second reason was that the serenity and simplicity of this garden type calls to my creative and solitary tendencies. Learning about the art of the Japanese garden was a real eye-opener, as I'd never imagined how far back the tradition reached. Eighth century! The ancient gardens featured in my research were as beautiful and timeless as those of today in many of the arboreta I've visited. If I ever have the perfect location and conditions, I will have a Japanese garden of my own.

ImageSundownr: I think my favorite article was "Making Your Own Gardener's Hand Cream" Making my own creams is a fun and economical DIY project, so it was a fun article to write and share with others. As one of my first articles, I was very surprised to learn that nearly 40,0000 readers were interested, too! There was much interaction with readers and the comments they left taught me (everyone) that there were many herbs, fruits, or plant leaves, that could be used with wonderful medicinal or therapeutic properties. Questions from readers prompted me to do additional research for natural preservatives to use to extend the shelf life of our creams. One important lesson we all learned was NOT to use peanut oil in hand creams, because even on the skin, those with peanut allergies can have a reaction!
I hope the readers learned as much from the article as I did.

ImageCarrielamont: Ever since I became a DG writer, I wanted to write about "The Secret Garden...what did it REALLY look like?", but for me, my feelings about the book were so intense and personal that I didn't know where to start. Thankfully, we had BOOK WEEK, and Terry sort of said "now or never" so I jumped in. I think reading TSG as a very young child is pretty much how I became interested in gardening at all. I had no idea how to fit my ideas and feelings about the book into the format of an article, but I got a lot of help from my fellow writers and learned a lot about colors and effects and I actually emailed HarperCollins for permission to use the cover. Writing the text was like having a baby but I think I may have set a record for first day clicks! From this perspective (however many years later) I can see how I could have written a much shorter, more concise and maybe more effective article, but I didn't know how to do that yet.

ImagePaulgrow: My favorite is "Devil in a Green Dress"
I was fortunate to get in at the ground floor when this pest first appeared, and was asked to work with some of the folks at Michigan State University to survey and help to complete research to eradicate this insect.
Due to the hard work, controls were discovered to help other states control the pest and were spared the devastation.

ImageGwen21:Of the articles I have written for Dave's Garden, my favorite is "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose': The Story Behind a Painting." I have long loved this depiction, by artist John Singer Sargent, of two little girls in an English garden. I was finally able to view the work in person when a major Sargent retrospective toured the U.S. in 1999, and I became intrigued by the man behind the painting. I learned that Sargent struggled mightily over this piece, making me appreciate his genius as an artist all the more. If I had to describe the painting in one word, it would be "magical." At one point or another, we have all longed to be able to capture a moment in time, whether it's a child's smile or a garden in full bloom. Sargent's gift to us is exactly that.

ImageCritterologist: The article that really makes me smile is "Ox-eye Daisies: Picking Flowers for my Mom." I dedicated the article to Mom, and it initially ran on her birthday. Daisies are her favorite flower, always and forever. She picked them as a girl, she had them in her wedding bouquet and in her 50th anniversary bouquet, and of course I've picked endless handfuls for her. There's just something about picking flowers for your mom...


Sallyg: "Visiting Longwood Gardens- Something for Every Dave's Gardener" is an article I feel deserves a spotlight. While I first came to Dave's Garden for the PlantFiles data, the social aspect of posting in several of the forums hooked me. I met such nice people who I'd never have met otherwise. When ladygardener1 suggested a group get-together at Longwood Gardens, about a dozen of us made the trip. The gardens were beautiful, and touring with plant loving companions made the event both fun and satisfying to the plant geek in most of us. The whole day, and the article, could not have happened without my fellow forum buddies and friends- I thank them!

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