Invasive species and non-native exotics are a concern to many of us. The invasives disrupt the normal ecosystem and take resources from native flora and fauna. Without natural checks and balances, they often reproduce at a rapid rate. The indigenous species are often threatened. Non-natives and exotics may not endanger local species yet, but might become problematic in the future.

Our spring Invasive Species Photo Contest is an entertaining way for us to raise awareness and let some of our members exhibit their photography skills.

As usual, the winners (chosen by you, the membership) were lovely. We have some talented photographers among us and we appreciate that they decided to participate in this contest. Help us congratulate the winners and remember to file your invasive species images throughout the year, as the Third Annual contest will be early in the spring of 2013.

These are our four first place images. Click on the image to see the full-sized images and the runners-up. The runners-up were spectacular as well and we hope you'll help us applaud them as well.

Our next photo contest will be this autumn when we have our Third Annual Pixel County Fair. Here's a look at last year's winners.


First Place Invasive or Non-Native Birds

Kwanjin's Baby House Sparrows


First Place Invasive or Non-Native Bugs

Ginger749's Caterpillar


First Place Invasive or Non-Native Wildlife

DaylilySLP's Eastern Fox Squirrel


First Place Invasive or Non-Native Plants

Metrosideros' Angiopteris evecta fern