Grass in my lawn I remember many fun games I played with my friends when we were children, in our old neighborhood in Bucharest. Anything could become a toy for us to play with, even a small tuft of grass or a leaf. Many plants were subject of our games, like I mentioned in this article.

But there was one game that was endless and for which I didn't need anything else than a piece of green plant on me, like a leaf or a grass. This game was called "Green stop!" We didn't need to sit or stand in a special place, or finish other games for playing this one - we could play "Green stop!" all day long, in any place, at any time. The goal of the game was to catch someone without any "green" and he or she was issued a "punishment." We played many tricks on each other, in order to catch someone without the "green." The punishments were often silly, such as singing like a rooster, or barking like a dog, or standing with one foot up like a stork. How inventive we were with those punishments and how much we all laughed! To avoid being caught, I tried to always keep a green leaf inside my pocket, or in my sock, if my dress didn't have a Cherry leavespocket to hold the a piece of green "treasure." I actually preferred tucking it in my sock, which was easier to handle and kept my pockets clean, so my mom wouldn't always have to shout at me for finding leaves and grass in my pockets

Every time I went out and met a friend, I tried to be the first to say a little rhyme as fast as I could; I've translated it into English here:

Green stop - organic, right away!

1,2,3, you're not allowed to take!

If my friend didn't have anything green, he or she had to run and find something before I finished the rhyme. Then he had to stay still, like a statue and show me his "green" otherwise I could "punish" Trumpet vine leaveshim. Sometimes the punishment was sweet, especially if my friend was eating some candies or cookies at the time! I remember how I always tried to run and get something "green" if I didn't have anything in my pocket, before a friend would say the magic words . Sometimes I succeded, but many times I got caught and had to sing like a rooster or bark like a dog- it made me feel so silly, but I vowed to make sure I had green in my sock the next day!

Playing games like this created many funny memories I treasure from my active, happy childhood, but what will our grandchildren remember? Some of them may think they have a happy childhood, sitting for hours on end in front of a computer and playing "Farmville" or a virtual soccer game, or any other of the thousands and thousands of games which the computer geeks invented. I agree, this is wonderful technology and I love it too. But what about their health, the blush in their cheeks? For my part, I can only hope I will have my grandson with me as much as possible, so we can play outside and I can teach him more of those funny games from my childhood. But will he have some friends to play with? I surely hope so! The more the merrier, as they say. Do you have any fond memories of childhood games you played when you were young? I hope you'll share them in a comment!