We have some of the most talented photographers in the world at Dave's Garden and we're thrilled to spotlight our winners. Contestants submitted entries from many different countries and our winners and runners-up are definitely a global group.

Dave's Gardeners anticipate this contest all year and save special images just for the event. The first place winners are used to make our calendar and everyone wants one of those coveted spots. Many photographers work all year toward this goal. Their hard work and attention to detail shows and we have some especially beautiful images for the 2013 calendar. We'd like to thank our membership for voting on these images. Once again, you've made our job easy when we put together our 2013 calendar.


The calendar is available through Zazzle and you can purchase one through this link if you'd like to have one of these keepsakes yourself.

The cover image is the photograph that receives the most votes overall and this year the honor goes to member ‘LeafPeeper' with their beautiful garden in the Personal or Private Landscaping and Gardens category. Click on the image to the left to see the full-sized image and runners-up. They are stunning as well!

The other winners are shown below, and we encourage you to click on those images to see the runners-up in each category. With over 2,800 images submitted, it is no small feat to rank in this top tier! We have some talented photographers among our membership and are so proud of each and every one who entered!


Annual and Pereniial Flowers

1st Place winner 'IRIS'


Container Gardening

1st Place Winner 'lakesidewb'


Butterflies, Caterpillars and Moths

1st Place Winner 'veemjay'



1st Place Winner, 'saya'


Domestic Pets and Animals

1st Place Winner 'lorrizz'


Tropicals and Houseplants

1st Place Winner Daylily SLP


Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes and Tubers

1st Place Winner 'Xalted1'


Insects (other than butterflies and moths)

1st Place winner 'otis59'



1st Place Winner 'IRIS'

garden art

Garden Art and Outdoor Structures

1st Place Winner 'Fish_Knees'


Scenic Landscapes and Seasons

1st Place Winner VA_Wild_Rose

water gardens

Water Gardens and Water Features

1st Place Winner 'DebinSC'


Cacti and Succulents

1st Place Winner 'CactusJordi'


Foliage, Seeds, Mosses and Fungi

1st Place Winner 'neroli'


Sunsets, Sunrises and Moonscapes

1st Place Winner 'foliagefighter'


Weird, Funny and Miscellaneous

1st Place Winner 'fmlyof5'


Fruits and Vegetables

1st Place Winner 'rockgardenplants'


Wildlife (other than birds)

1st Place Winner 'fmlyof5'