Tips for Building Your Own Fire Pit

There is nothing quite like a warm summer night spent by a bonfire, with drinks in hand and friends by your side. Fire pits are a welcome addition to just about any backyard, and many homeowners are finding that fire pits make a great do-it-yourself project. Not only do you get to design the fire pit of your dreams, but you also are able to rest easy knowing you have created a safe, sound fire pit that will last for many more years. The following tips will help you get started and allow you to enjoy every ounce of fun this coming summer has to offer.

5 Tips for Building Your Own Fire Pit

  1. Pick a safe location in your yard. You will want your fire pit to be far away from your house so that it does not become a hazard. Fire pits also should not be located underneath covered areas, such as porches. It is a good idea to keep them away from wooden deck areas as well. The wind can sometimes catch a bonfire and a fire pit needs to be far away from flammable objects so that an accidental fire does not occur. However, while safety should be a top priority, you should also make sure the fire pit is still in a central location in the yard. You don't want your friends and family walking all the way to the back of the yard in order to enjoy a summer night by the fire.
  2. Outline the border of the future fire pit. This will help you visualize how wide the fire pit will be. When you use items such as brick paver stones to outline it, you will get a better idea of exactly what size the fire pit will be once it is complete. Also, this allows you to easily edit and resize the fire pit. Nothing is set in stone yet, so you are able to adjust accordingly and make sure that your fire pit is exactly what you want it to be. Test it out by placing firewood in the circle to make sure it will accommodate a good bonfire.
  3. Create it to be a work of art in your backyard. You are making your own fire pit for a reason. You don't have to resort to using the same old standard designs and the boring store bought accessories. Take the time to choose the right brick, and make sure that it matches the exterior of your home. You don't want it to look wild and crazy, like something that doesn't belong in your yard. You want it to blend in with your landscaping plan, and look like it has always been a part of your backyard. Consider utilizing social media, landscaping magazines and home and garden television shows to help you draw up some inspiration for your fire pit design.
  4. Make sure the walls of the pit are built at least one foot high. This is a crucial part of the design for any fire pit, as it is an essential safety feature. if the bricks do not tower at least a foot high or more, there is a chance that you or one of your guests could get burned. It is not unusual for the wind to blow embers or sparks out of the fire pit, and if the walls are not high enough the people around the fire will not be protected. When you build it up at least 12 inches, the chance of burns decreases significantly.
  5. Remember that the mortar mixture is the key to your fire pit's longevity. If you rush through the mortar process, you will find that your fire pit will not last more than two or three years. You are putting so much work into this project, so you don't want to rush through this vital step. Also avoid creating your fire pit in the damp, rainy spring season, as the weather will not allow the mortar to cure properly. Make sure to follow the mortar guidelines that are specifically made for fire pits. It is extremely important that the mortar is not mixed too thin.

Building your own fire pit is not only a fun household do-it-yourself project but it is also rewarding as well. You will be so glad you took the time to create your own fire pit when you are sitting around the fire enjoying s'mores and good conversation with friends. You know that you will be able to create summer memories such as these every year for the rest of the time you live in your home. Quickly, word will spread that your home is the place to be on those warm, balmy evenings where everyone wants to be together around the fire.