Cutting a branch from my fir tree Whether you want to save money or you just like making Christmas crafts, it's always fun to play with the Christmas decorations. During the years I've watched many Christmas movies, especially American-made movies. They always had a decorated stair railing in those homes. I was ecstatic about all the railing decorations, and all the other decorations. They all look so shiny and festive, and so beautiful that it made me want to have such Christmas decorations in my home too. But at first, I didn't need a garland when we lived in our old apartment. In our new home, I finally have a railing which, of course, I decorate for Christmas. I have to admit, it takes some time to do it, but it is such fun and the result is worth it.

The branches I cut off from the fir treeLast year I had enough time after doing all the cooking and cleaning for Christmas, so I figured I could also decorate my railing. I would have needed some fir tree branches and, it just so happened, my fir tree had grown big enough to be trimmed off of the lower branches so it could start growing higher. I also searched for the other ornaments I could use, such as some Christmas lights and paper poinsettias I made many years ago. I thought green, red and golden together would be perfect for a Christmas decoration. I also needed a pair of sccissors, some thin wire I already had (florist wire would have been better) and a spool of thread.

First I went out in the garden to cut off the fir tree branches. I cut off all the twigs from the branches. Then I matched each 3 or 4 of them together in clumps and tied them up with a short thin wire.

Twigs clump tied with the thin wireThree twigs for making a clumpOne of the twig clumps

Railing decoration could start! I started with the Christmas lights. I arranged it along the railing, then tied them up to the railing with the thread going around it, starting from upstairs to downstairs. Mine wasn't long enough for all the railing, but no one would notice.

Tying up the Christmas lightsCloser look of the Christmas lights tied up to the railingLast part of the Christmas lights has to be tied up next to a outlet

I was excited; I just knew the garland was going to be amazing. Next were the twig clumps which I also tied up with thread and, finally, decorated them with the paper poinsettias and big golden bows I made from saved coffee bags.

Tying up the twig clumps to the railingFake poinsettias tied up to the twigs

The bow is tied up to the twigs too

The railing decorated for Chritsmas

It was time to light the railing decoration - what a treat! I was very happy about my Christmas railing and it didn't even took very long to make it, as I first expected. Now, if you want to make this decoration for yourself, go ahead and try. But remember, it's best to do it close to Christmas so the fir tree twigs will be fresh and scent the house.

Merry Christmas everyone!