The Garden Watchdog Top 5 is an annual award and each January we honor the winners by placing the Top 5 badge on their listings. Most of these vendors are often small, specialty operations owned by individuals who are passionate about their favorite plant, seed, or garden accessory. They may not enjoy the large volume of sales that is required to make it into the Top 30, but their great customer service and love for their product creates many loyal customers. The rankings are based on customer reviews for the past year, so these awards are for feedback posted in 2012.

ImageThere are 134 specialties currently listed in the Garden Watchdog, but we only award Top 5 Badges in the categories where five or more vendors have received one or more positive reviews over the past year. If your favorite category didn't receive a badge this year, your reviews and updates can make a huge difference in making sure they are recognized next year. It is very important to let vendors know when you're pleased with your order. Many people only think about warning others about unhappy experiences, but the Garden Watchdog is actually designed to spotlight the dedicated vendors who give great customer service day in and day out. These vendors are hard-working and deserve this annual pat on the back for their attention to detail and customer support. They represent all that is good in the mail order gardening world and are from a number of different countries.

Be sure to reward your favorite vendors each time you place an order. They pay attention to these rankings and often request their Top 5 badge to proudly display on their websites. These are hard- working folks that make mail order gardening a pleasurable experience and deserve this annual spotlight. And so without further ado....the winners are.....

Bulbs: Amaryllids (Hippeastrums, Clivias and Crinums)

Jenks Farmer (Lushlife Nurseries)

Mary's Garden Patch

Bulbs N More

Marcelle's Crinums

Amaryllis Bulb Company

Bulbs: Cannas

Karchesky Canna

Marcelle's Crinums

Canpelkni Blooms

Cannabiz (Cannas by Bernard Yorke)

Horn Cannas

Bulbs: Daffodils

Colorblends (Schipper & Co. USA)

Grant E. Mitsch Novelty Daffodils

Glenbrook Bulb Farm

Oakwood Daffodils

Ringhaddy Daffodils

Bulbs: Gladiolus

Bayou City Heirloom Bulbs

Honker Flats Greenhouse and Gladiolus Exoticus

Cates Family Glads

Noweta Gardens

Pleasant Valley Glads & Dahlias

Bulbs: Heirloom Flowers

Old House Gardens - Heirloom Bulbs

Southern Bulb Company (BULBS4U)

Bayou City Heirloom Bulbs

Cates Family Glads

Bulbs: Onions and Garlic

Dixondale Farms

Filaree Farm

Le Jardin du Gourmet (Artistic Gardens)

Gourmet Garlic Gardens

Moose Tubers

Bulbs:Spring-blooming and Dormant Potted Bulbs

Old House Gardens

Easy to Grow Bulbs

Colorblends (Schipper & Co. USA)

Brent & Becky's Bulbs

Willow Creek Gardens

Bulbs: Summer-blooming

Brent & Becky's Bulbs

Willow Creek Gardens

Touch of Nature, Inc

Jenks Farmer (Lushlife Nurseries)

Lakeside Callas

Conservatories, Sheds, Greenhouse Kits and Materials

Irrigation Direct

Sturdi-built Greenhouse Mfg.

B.C. Greenhouse Builders, Ltd

International Greenhouse Company

Containers, Windowboxes and Container Gardening Supplies

Wellspring Gardens

Daniel's Specialty Nursery

The Garden Patch Grow Box

Smart Pots (High Caliper Growing - Root Control Inc.)

Primitive Planters

Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Backyard Berry Plants

Maui Plumeria Gardens

Greentrees Hydroponics Inc.

North American Kelp

Fresh Start Grower's Supply

Garden Decor, Edgings, Cobblestones

Witherspoon Rose Culture

Daylily Manor

Succulent Salon

Stoneface Creations

Funkes Greenhouses

Hand Tools

Lee Valley Tools, Ltd.

Garden Tool Company

The Pruner Warehouse

Garden Weasel

Fresh Start Growers Supply

Lawn and Garden Equipment

Lee Valley Tools, Ltd

Interplex Solar, LLC (Solar Nite Eyes)

Indoor Gardening Supplies

Cyclone Rake


Organic Products

Wild Garden Seed

Filaree Farm

Neptune's Harvest All Natural Organic Fertilizer

Countryside Organics

Esbenshade's Garden Center

Plant Tags, Ties and Markers

Paw Paw Everlast Label Company

AAA Quality Engravers

EON Industries, Inc.

The Strap Store

Plants & Seeds: Attractive to bird, bee, and/or butterfly

Pedricks Corner

Rose Franklin's Perennials & Herbs

Sweet Nectar Nursery

Walnut Creek Nursery

Great Lakes Nursery Co.

Plants & Seeds: Bonsai

Eastfork Nursery

Meehan's Miniatures

Bonsai Outlet

Bonsai of Brooklyn

Wee Tree Farm

Plants: African Violets and Gesneriads

Violet Barn (Rob's Min-O-Lets)

Bluebird Greenhouses

Cedar Creek Violets

Dave's Violets

Travis' Violets

Plants: Alpine/Rock Garden

Edelweiss Perennials

North Hills Nursery

Evermay Nursery

Wild Ginger Farm

Far Reaches Farm

Plants: Annual Flowers

Romence Gardens & Greenhouses

Garden Crossings LLC

Annie's Annuals and Perennials

Avant Gardens

Wright Gardens

Plants: Bamboo

Tejas Tropicals LLC

Bamboo Garden Nursery

Lewis Bamboo Groves

Tropical Bamboo

Bamboo Headquarters

Plants: Begonias

Kartuz Greenhouses

Victoria's Sign of the Dove

Palm Hammock Orchid Estate

Bonnie's Greenhouse

Logee's Greenhouses, Ltd.

Plants: Bog, Pond & Wetlands

In The Country Garden & Gifts

Prairie Moon Nursery

Texas Water Lilies

Hughes Water Gardens

Iris City Gardens

Plants: Cacti and Succulents

Arid Lands Greenhouses

Tee Dee Cacti

Miles' To Go

JadePoint Succulents

North Hills Nursery

Plants: Caladiums & Elephant Ears

Brian's Botanicals

Caladium Bulb Company

Aroidia Research

Marlboro Bulb Company

Happiness Farms, Inc. Caladium Bulbs

Plants: Camellias

Greer Gardens

Camellia Forest Nursery

Nuccio's Nurseries Inc

New Life Nursery & Garden

Plants: Carnivorous

Leilani Nepenthes

Sarracenia Northwest

Carnivorous Plant Nursery

California Carnivores

Exotic Plants Plus

Plants: Clematis

Brushwood Nursery

Silver Star Vinery

Hummingbird Farm

Garden Grower

Donahue's Clematis Specialites

Plants: Coleus

Glasshouse Works

Rosy Dawn Gardens

Gebhart's Farm and Geenhouse

Dibleys Nurseries

Hilltop Farm

Plants: Dahlias

Accent Dahlias

Corralitos Gardens

Alpen Gardens

Tall Grass Farms

Arrowhead Dahlias

Plants: Daylilies

Oakes Daylilies

Shaw's Sunshine Gardens

Blue Ridge Daylilies

Maryott's Gardens

B & D Lilies (Snow Creek Daylily GardensTM)

Plants: Deer Resistant

Deer-Resistant Landscape Nursery

Graceful Gardens

Rose Franklin's Perennials & Herbs


Plants: Drought-tolerant

Digging Dog Nursery

Cistus Nursery


Cactus Store

So Succulent

Plants: Epiphyllums

Don's Epiphyllum World

Epies by Pat

Pat's Patio Plants, Perennials, Pots and Ponds

Morris Nursery

Mark Piette Epi Galleria

Plants: Evergreens

Evergreen Nursery

Carter's Cool Plants

DAS Farms

Gossler Farms Nursery

W.W. Nurseries

Plants: Ferns

Doug Eckel's Palms, Cycads and Platyceriums

Charles Alford Plants

Fern Factory

Southern Exposure

Fibrex Nurseries Ltd

Plants: Flowering Vines and Groundcovers

Classy Groundcovers

Brushwood Nursery

Country Boy Gardens

Grassy Knoll Exotic Plants

Wilkerson Mill Gardens (

Plants: Fruit and Berries

Nourse Farms Inc.

Backyard Berry Plants

Rolling River Nursery

Berries Unlimited

Cold Stream Farm

Plants: Grape Vines & Berries

Double A Vineyards, Inc

Bramble Berry Farm

Jon's Nursery of Somis

Schlabach's Nursery

Plants: Hardy Fruit Trees

Stark Brothers Nurseries & Orchards

Trees of Antiquity

Grandpa's Orchard, LLC

Cummins Nursery

Johnson Nursery

Plants: Heirlooms

Select Seeds Antique Flowers

The Tasteful Garden

Trees of Antiquity

Heritage Flower Farm

Monticello Garden Shop: Twinleaf Catalog

Plants: Herbs

Horizon Herbs, LLC

Companion Plants

Well-Sweep Herb Farm

Lazy Ox Farm

Pure Land Ethnobotanicals

Plants: Hibiscus

Katz Kuntry Kuttins

Hibiscus Place (Martindale's Nursery)

Hidden Valley Hibiscus


Plants: Hostas

Made in the Shade Gardens

New Hampshire Hostas

Hallson Gardens

In The Country Garden & Gifts

Plant Delights Nursery

Plants: Houseplants

JB's Plants @

Eldon Tropicals

Hobbs Farm & Greenery

Stokes Tropicals

Travis' Violets

Plants: Hoyas


Gardino Nursery

Aloha Hoyas

Plant Attraction

Clackamas Orchids Inc.

Plants: Iris (Historical & Species)

Exline Iris Garden & Crafts

Siberian Iris Gardens

Superstition Iris Gardens

Willow Bend Farm

Stoney Creek Iris

Plants: Iris (Modern)

Exline Iris Garden & Crafts

Siberian Iris Gardens

Schreiner's Iris Gardens

Snowpeak Iris and Daylilies

Wild Iris Rows

Plants: Japanese Maples


Mendocino Maples Nursery

Eastfork Nursery

Whitman Farms

Davidsans Japanese Maples

Plants: Lilies

Faraway Flowers from Faraway Places

The Lily Pad

Ambergate Gardens

Bulbs N More

Brookside Orchids

Plants: Natives for Restoration & Reclamation

A Nearly Native Nursery

Prairie Moon Nursery

Cold Stream Farm

Shady Gardens Nursery

Superior Nursery and Garden Center

Plants: Nut Trees

Stark Brothers Nurseries & Orchards

Plant Me Green

Pecan Quest

Bass Pecan Company

Edward Fort Nurseries

Plants: Orchids

Kawamoto Orchid Nursery

Andy's Orchids

Carter and Holmes Orchids

Aitken's Salmon Creek Garden

Exotic Plants Plus

Plants: Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

Lazy S'S Farm & Nursery


Sooner Plant Farm

Rarefind Nursery

Plants: Peonies

Adelman Peony Gardens

Solaris Farms

Brooks Gardens

Hollingsworth Peony Nursery

Plants: Perennial Flowers

Lazy S'S Farm & Nursery

Santa Rosa Gardens

Romence Gardens & Greenhouses

Sooner Plant Farm

Classy Groundcovers

Plants: Plumeria cuttings

Maui Plumeria Gardens

Tropic Nature of Hawaii

Jungle Jack's Plumerias

Brad's Buds and Blooms

Upland Nursery Inc

Plants: Rhododendrons and Azaleas

Greer Gardens

Singing Tree Gardens

W.W. Nurseries

Bovees Nursery

DeGrandchamp's Blueberry Farm

Plants: Roses (Antiques & Species)

High Country Roses

Antique Rose Emporium

Northland Rosarium

Angel Gardens Inc

Pickering Nurseries

Plants: Roses (Modern)

High Country Roses

Northland Rosarium

Burlington Rose Nursery

Angel Gardens Inc.

Palatine Roses

Plants: Tropical Fruit Trees

Wellspring Gardens

Bay Flora

Clifton's Flower & Garden Center

Four Winds Growers

Just Fruits and Exotics

Plants: Vegetables

Tomato Girl

Nourse Farms Inc

Johnny's Selected Seeds

The Tasteful Garden

Cross Country Nurseries

Plants: Wildflowers/Natives

A Nearly Native Nursery

Niche Gardens

Shooting Star Nursery

Mail-Order Natives

Seeds: Annual Flowers

Summer Hill Seeds

Diane's Flower Seeds

Harris Seeds


Chiltern Seeds

Seeds: Asian Vegetables

Botanical Interests, Inc.

Kitazawa Seed Company

AgroHaitai Ltd.

Tainong Seeds, Inc.

Seeds: Heirloom

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co

St. Clare Heirloom Seeds

Select Seeds Antique Flowers

Victory Seed Company

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Seeds: Herbs

Horizon Herbs, LLC

KT Botanicals

Companion Plants

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

Osborne Seed Company, LLC

Seeds: Peppers

Bayou Trader's Peppermania

Chile Pepper Institute

Rainbow Chili Seeds

Semillas La Palma

The Chile Woman

Seeds: Perennial Flowers

The Sample Seed Shop

Summer Hill Seeds

Diane's Flower Seeds

Botanical Interests, Inc.

T's Flowers & Things

Seeds: Tomatoes

The Sample Seed Shop

Ohio Heirloom Seeds

Tatiana's TOMATObase

Marianna's Heirloom Seeds

Seeds: Tropicals

Trade Winds Fruit

Smart Seeds (

Lakeside Callas

Tropic Nature of Hawaii

Seeds: Vegetables

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.

St. Clare Heirloom Seeds

Victory Seed Company

Johnny's Selected Seeds

Trade Winds Fruit

Seeds: Wildflowers/Natives

Everwilde Farms, Inc.

Jonna Sudenius

Silverhill Seeds

Ohio Prairie Nursery

Wildseed Farms

Supplies for Poultry Farming (Equipment & Hatcheries)

My Pet Chicken

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Mt. Healthy Hatcheries, Inc.

Country Hatchery